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No description

Ryan Lu-ngo

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of TenTree

Kalen Emsley
David Luba
Ryan Lu-ngo
Brendan Dueck
Daniel Kihoon Han
Imoreshi Dania

The Unexpected
Own your tree
The Incongruity


Environment Supporting Causes
The Changes in Industry or Market Structure
Business Marketing / Service Provider
The inadequacy in underlying processes
Greener Products
Demographic Changes
Eco-friendly Group
Changes in Perception, Mood and Meaning
Caring, Preservation, Taking Initiative
New Knowledge
Environmental Friendly
Drucker's Sources of Opportunity
"It's a shame if business school's aren't teaching the 3 P's (People, Planet, Profit) and are just teaching profit, because that's not the future of business. The future of business is to be socially responsible, environmentally friendly AND make money" -
Arlene Dickinson, CEO Venture Communications
Porter's Five Forces
1. Barrier to Entry
Lots of product differentiation (unique trend,
2. Power of Suppliers
Crafted in China (Sweatshop Free)
3. Threat of Substitutes
Large number of competitors / Market changing constantly
Consumer's preference always changes
4. Power of Buyers
Creativity, Social Media
Ever-Changing Trend in today's fashion
5. Competitive Rivalry
Toms, Bohohemp, People Tree
Long Term vs. Short Term
Clothing apparel company
Concept: Plant 10 trees with every purchase
Founded on January 1st 2012
Appeared on popular show "Dragons Den" on BBC 3 months after start-up
Graduate at Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Previous Business Experiences:
Viterra, Grain Merchant
Greenfield Carbon Offsetters Inc., Co-President.
Graduate at Paul J. Jill School of Business at University of Regina
Chief Operating Officer, COO
Previous Business Experiences:
Future Shop, Sales Professional
Seeking: $100,000 Investment for 20% Stake in the company.

'Positive Impact'
Long Term Solution
Visible Impact on World
10 trees planted / purchase
Partner with Non Profit Organizations and Local Communities in Developing Countries
Provide Jobs and Education for Locals
Hidden Impact on Consumers
Market Impact
Target Consumers -Young Adults -"Eco-minded" People
"Our aim is to educate every Tentree consumer on the incredible impact they can have"
Surging sales based on environmental awareness
Marketing and Sales "How and Where to Buy"
Looking forward and big picture

Social Impact
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Innovation / Creativity / Risk
Indorsing the lifestyle activities
Simplest idea, big impact
TenTree's Message & Action
Contemporary + Social + Environmental Issues + Creativity = Success
Adopting Schumpetrian view
Risk & Common Ideas in the market
Sustainability & Growth
Responsibility / Affiliation & Building Relationships
Creating Opportunities / Partnerships
Helping Countries / Staying Positive
Tracking of trees planted
SLEPT Analysis
~ Thank you ~
Clothing Store
Social Media
Environmental Partnerships
Brand Controlled Industry
Trend Brands at Risk - Bohohemp - People Tree
Environmentally friendly Marketing Strategy
Experienced background in Tree Planting (Greenfield Carbon Offsetters Inc.)

High Fixed Costs
Insufficient variety of product
Young Board of Executives
Exploiting current fad
Successful outcome on Dragon's Den (Bruce and Arlene as partners)
Global Warming
High Competitors
Duration of consumer trend
Obligation in responsibility
Dragons' Den Appearance
"Way for the consumers to give back to the environment and sustain it" -
Kalen Emsay
Position Innovation
Definition: Changes in the context in which the products (services) are introduced
"Buy clothes, save the planet"
Importance of
in the global market place
Incremental Innovation
venture capital
BDC financing. (business development bank of canada)
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