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What kind of media insitution might distribute your media pr

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Flo Gardner-Hillman

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of What kind of media insitution might distribute your media pr

What kind of media institution might distribute your media production and why?
Brink Vision...
Brink Vision is a distribution company which was founded in 2001 and have distributed and marketed a diverse group of films including the color out of space and micro-budget horror and thriller films including . The main producer/distributers of the company include DANNY VINIK, DAVID PIKE and JIM RUNDEL.

The color out of space trailer...
My Product...
Because my product is a relatively low budget thriller/horror, a smaller independent production company would be the most appropriate institution to distribute my media product. For example, Benderspink, who's Previous films include The Ring, The Butterfly Effect, Insanitrarium and Kill Theory. however they are by no means bound to the horror/thriller genre, they have also produced the hit comedy We're the Millers. Producer Chris Bender and producer/manager J.C. Spink have turned their management firm into one of the more successful hybrids in town, thanks to their solid judgment about what audiences enjoy.
The role of a distribution company...
The main function of a distribution channel is to provide a link between production and consumption. Organisations that form any particular distribution channel perform many key functions such as; gathering and distributing market research and intelligence which is vital marketing planning; Promotion of the media product in order to develop and spread communications with regards to offers; Contact in order to find and communicate with prospective buyers as well as matching to adjust the offer to fit a buyer’s needs, including grading, assembling and packaging. Additionally, distribution companies must Negotiate so that they can reach an agreement on price and other terms of the offer; Physical distribution which includes transporting and storing goods and finally Financing - acquiring and using funds to cover the costs of the distribution channel.

What is the role of a production company?
Production companies handle the budgeting, scheduling, scripting, organization of staff, the production itself as well as post-production, distribution, and marketing. There are many different types of production companies, specializing in distributing different genres and type of media product, from television dramas to sci-fi movies as well as distributing radio.
The Butterfly Effect trailer...
My ident, as well as these idents on the left, are predominently dark in color to create an eery and ominous atmosphere.
As you can see,the use of a wind sound effect creates the sense that this production company focuses mainly on horror/thriller films as it reflects the tone of the Ident as well as the dark colour sceme and use of clouds creates an atmosphere pf suspense.
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