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Designer Babies

No description

Cierra Crowe

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Designer Babies

Designer Babies
Potential Misuses
Emotional affects on the baby

Cost (unfair between rich and poor)

Possible lack of uniqueness ...this may lead to choosing babies for physical and psychological traits

Taking genes out runs the risk of unknowingly removing other traits from the baby that are linked to that gene

Genetic engineering may not work correctly (Parents might not get what they expect)

Many embryos created are thrown away if not ideal for the parents

Genetically modified child will pass down the unnatural genes... have no say as to whether this occurs

May not notice problems until the baby is actually

The First Designer Baby
Mid 1990s- Jacques Cohen created the technique to help infertile women who had unsuccessful attempts at IVF, have what they want.
1996 - First PGD: To determine gender of child
2000- Adam Nash was the first "Designer Baby". (Adam was an embryo that was genetically modified to ensure that they will be healthy and free of a particular disease causing gene.
Molly suffered from Fanconi Anemia which causes bone marrow deficiency.

What is a designer baby?
The outcome of genetic engineering

The modified genetic makeup of a baby

Only for those who cannot have children due to the likelihood of a genetic disease

Procedure is done prior to birth

To ensure a particular gene is present

To reduce the risk of a natural or genetic disorder
To ensure a particular gene is present:
Vitro fertilization (IVF)

Risk/Benefit Analysis
Methods to Control This Discrimination
Depth of Analysis
Many religious people strongly believe that the technology used for designer babies is against the law of nature and should be banned as this is unnatural and crosses ethical boundaries.


Baby will be healthy and possibly resistant to some illnesses
Parents want their child to be beautiful and designing babies gives them the opportunity to create a beautiful or handsome child
Helpful for parents who have several babies of the same gender and want babies of the opposite gender

Could cause some problems regarding to the ethnicity of our planet
Loses unique family genes
Would cause a huge gap between poor people and rich people (finance disparity)

By Cierra Crowe, Ashley Maxwell and Hannah Robinson
Women are given special reproductive hormones in order to produce more eggs

After 36 hours, a needle is used to collect fluid from the ovaries, containing eggs.

The egg is mixed with the desired genes of a female donor

The egg and concentrated sperm are fertilized in an incubator for a day

The egg is injected back into the ovaries to form a pregnancy
Embryo cells are observed to look for possible mutations

The parent's genes are tested for the likelihood of certain disorders to be passed down

Any abnormalities found are destroyed

This results in the birth of a healthy baby
To reduce the risk of a natural or genetic disorder:
Implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
Range of Perspectives
Should there be designer babies?
Provides those who cannot have children due to the likelihood of diseases or death with the opportunity to still have a baby
Upgrades genetics and the future bodies running our world
Parents want the best for their children; nature does not help determine this
A future of intelligence may stop conflict between people

If the designer baby does not come out as expected, the parents may neglect the child because he/she isn't perfect
Not natural
Constantly designing babies would lead to a distinction of diversity
If people are truly ready to love and care for a child, they will love him/her with all of their imperfections
Teaching kids to accept themselves! designer babies counteracts this entire philosophy
Natural humans may feel insecure about themselves growing up around a world of "perfect" children
Should there be designer babies?
Range of Perspectives
Depth of Analysis
Mom may react to fertility drugs

Having twins after doing this procedure is a massive health risk; can lead to a miscarriage

Destroying child; done to make the parents lives easier

Cannot bring back that uniqueness and may later regret their decision

Done to breed a healthy child; likely unprepared if child becomes sick and doesn't want to deal with or accept that
Potential Misuses
Potential Misuses
Discrimination Against...
Designer Babies
Parents of Designer Babies
Those with Natural Diseases and Disabilities
Natural People
Rich or Poor
Not natural
Not unique
Not themselves
Three birth parents
Don't have their family genes - they are designed
Considered a science experiment
Profiled to not love or accept their child the way they are
It is public knowledge they are infertile, or have a high risk of producing a mutation
Taught to accept and cope with genetic challenges; designer babies contradicts that theory
Upset they were not modified
Feel worse about themselves
Designer Babies prevents a certain type of person to enter the world; thinks they aren't good enough
Only rich can be "perfect"
Unfair to poor
Further unbalance between rich and poor
Compare themselves to "Perfect People"
Think they aren't good enough
Have designer babies not exist
Educate the public with reasons for creating a designer baby (health related)
Stopping diseases, disabilities, or the creation of designer babies from occurring; some discriminate against those with disabilities or diseases
Fighting causes of discrimination like intolerance and egoism because with less disabled people in the world, minimum discrimination will go on
Discrimination Against...
Discrimination Against...
2002 - Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority allowed fertility clinics in Britain to help other people.
Today, Designer Babies are described as being an embryo who's non-essential genes have been selected and implanted in the mothers womb. (banned)
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