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Science 8 - Catapult

My demonstration of understanding of my catapult.

Caitlin Lewis

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Science 8 - Catapult

The object that is intended to be hurled is put in the basket on the moveable arm. The moveable arm is pulled back to create tension on the rubber bands. When the arm is released it flings forward and launches the beanbag into the air. Catapult How a works Materials:
Rubber Bands
Small basket
Finishing Nail By Caitlin Lewis Diagram My catapult has a Speed Advantage. MA: Effort arm divided by Load arm
MA: 13 in divided by 14.5 in
MA: 0.9
My catapult can be improved by: Using bungee cords instead of elastic bands, the tension would have increased with the bungee cord's flexibility and the beanbag would have flown farther. Our catapult is a class 3 lever
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