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South China Tiger

No description

Aidan Whittaker

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of South China Tiger

South China Tiger
The South china tiger is a smaller version of the Bengal Tiger, in fact it is the smallest subspecies of tiger's. Its stripes are yellowish and more narrow compared to other tigers.
Why is it important to save the tiger? What role does it play in its ecosystem
It is important to save the south china tiger because it is the top carnivore, if it died all its preys pop would increase. If the tigers prey population increases then the negative effects could be loss of vegetation, loss of animals, and other harmful decay to an ecosystem.
What steps should be taken to the the Tiger?
People should donate to the WWF in order to stop poaching toward the South China Tiger. Furthermore, South China Tigers should be moved to a safer habitat if possible. A small amount of tigers could also be moved to another location in order to reproduce more in a safe and secluded environment.
Biotic factors/Abiotic factors

fur camouflages them in the environment when hunting, so the biotic factor is the trees,

tigers can live in hot or cold environment, temperature is the abiotic factor,

food sources like birds, small buck, and monkeys are biotic factors,

rainfall the which makes the plants grow which feeds the tigers prey, rain is the abiotic factor.

more active during the night time, sunlight is the abiotic factor,

tigers love to swim, the water is the abiotic factor,

to show their dominance tiger’s usually scratch the trees, in this case the trees are the biotic factor.

Food Chains
Why is it Endangered
the south china tiger is endangered because the chinese government created an anti pest mission in which they hunted down the tiger to the point of nearly whipping the race to extinction. Originally there were 4,000 south china tiger’s in 1950, But In the next couple decades the species dwindled down to the fact that many people believe the tiger is extinct and scientists call it functionally extinct because it hasn’t been seen in the wild for more than 25 years. Another reason that the South China Tiger is critically endangered is because deforestation. This did not just affect the tiger’s habitat but also affected its prey. Once the prey died the tiger did not have any food thus killing it off.

South china tiger
<---- <---- <----
human South China Tiger Gaur
elephant apples
Food Web
human <---South China Tiger <---boar <----grass
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