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Ayden and Connor

No description

lib hist

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Ayden and Connor

Henry Johnson
Fought as a solider in World War 1. He was born in Tallahassee Fl on July 15, 1892. Henrys comrade was shot and bleeding out but there was german soliders charging at them and Johnson was forced to take on a german army untill they decided to retreat.
A Heroic Sacrifice
Robert Scott was fighting in World War 2. On a ship at Pearl Harbor, a torpedo hit the side of his ship making it sink. His crew members were trapped below and he stayed on his ship to provide them fresh air. As the ship was sinking he stayed on his ship saying "...this is my station , and i will stay on it and give as long as the guns are going. As they sank to the depths of the ocean Henry Johnson a Army soldier jumped into the water to slowly save all of them.
- Both have passed away
- Both served there country
- Both served in the 1900s
both were not virgins

Robert Scott
Ayden and Connor
Robert was born on July 13, 1915. He fought at Pearl Harbor on December, 7, 1941. Roberts battle station that he was assigned to, flooded after a torpedo hit. his ship slowly began to sink altough he stayed on, giving oxygen to the crew members trapped below
- One served in the Navy
- Robert died in battle
- One is an African American solider
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