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S&C Global Strategy for BOD

Global Strategy Poster for LTC

michael michaud

on 5 March 2010

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Transcript of S&C Global Strategy for BOD

Empower individual
engineers to help
change the world ASME will deliver locally relevant
engineering resources to advance public safety
and quality of life throughout the world. Specifically, ASME will provide locally relevant standards,
certification, technical information, and networking for
business, government, academia and practicing engineers
to positively impact the quality of life throughout the world. ASME's
Global Strategy Framework Roadmap to outline overall
strategy and prioritize:
Expand ASME's
Global Impact Create new, locally
relevant content
for target markets Growing overall, global presence
Lower the overall barriers of entry
Develop ASME community & relationships
Assess local market and opportunities
Expand delivery of ASME programs Current Major / Growth Market Focus
Establish base of operations
Build and strengthen local relationships
Establish ASME brand recognition
Develop and deliver local products
finding balance between global and local markets engaging individuals leveraging
partnerships Personnel Certification Conferences, Workshops and Symposia Global Acceptance in
Standards and Regulation Translated ASME Codes & Standards Training Courses China India The Global Impact Index Sustainable presence and
delivery platforms
Partnerships to increase reach
and impact Products and Services
that meet global
and local needs
Global Strategy
Execution Team Bernie Hrubala (sponsor)
June Ling (sponsor)
Mike Michaud (leader)
Roy Arbeit
Burt Dicht
Rob Lettieri
Tom Perry
Mike Rovins
Mark Sheehan measures
real results TBD Balanced Scorecard
to align strategy
with objectives Criteria include: market for ASME, local infrastructure, available resources, and opportunity... BSC Target
S1A - 3% overall
growth outside
the US
BSC Measure I1-
new, locally-relevant
products and services
in pipeline or
I4– Number of Registered Users in Engineering For Change
Materials Supplier Product Certification South America, Africa, Gulf States, etc. under consideration... MOUs with
Industry and Government BSC Target
S1B - 10% overall
growth in 3 target markets
building new products Growth
Markets Europe Japan Korea Major
Markets vs. Add summary statement here
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