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CLIL Session 1

No description

eliane botson

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of CLIL Session 1

What do you know about CLIL?
What is CLIL?
English for CLIL Teachers
Content and Language Integrated Learning
What does it mean?
What does it imply?
Students' competences
How should our sessions be organised?
Your expectations
Ideal Classroom
Methods to help learners develop learning strat
Meaningful learning
Lesson plan outline
Ready to use
Web pages
No restrictions due to the program
Adaptability according to YOUR needs
and expectations
How would you like the program to be?
Shall we do all the content first and leave
the resources till the end?
Insert an example of ready to use activities
every two weeks (for example)?
Content subjects are taught and learnt in a language which is not the mother tongue of the learners.
Knowledge of the language becomes the means of learning content.
Language is seen in real-life situations in which students can acquire the language.
CLIL is long-term learning. Students become academically proficient in English after 5-7 years in a good bilingual programme.
Fluency is more important than accuracy and errors are a natural part of language learning.
Some Principles
Advantages of CLIL
CLIL helps to:
Introduce new concepts from a wider cultural
Prepare for internationalisation.
Improve overall and specific language
Develop multilingual interests and attitudes.
Increase learner motivation.
Successful CLIL lesson
Language is used to learn as well as to communicate
It is the subject matter which determines the language needed to learn.
should combine elements of:
knowledge, skills and understanding related to specific elements of a defined curriculum
Using language to learn while learning to use language
Developing thinking skills
Exposure to alternative perspectives
and shared understandings
What do you want to learn about?
What do you hope to be able to do at the end of the
It is an approach or method that integrates the teaching of content from the curriculum with the teaching of a non-native language.
For science teachers : http://www.arkive.org/education/games/animal-survival
Which are from ELT books and which are from CLIL
How do you know?
Skills across the curriculum
Scaffolding and consolidating
Planning a lesson or a series
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