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Translations,rotation, reflection in real life! by: Jas.P

No description

Tanisha Singh

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Translations,rotation, reflection in real life! by: Jas.P

Translations,rotation, reflection in real life!
By: Jas.P

The sprocket of a bicycle rotates while riding the bike and pushing the pedals.

While pushing the pedals the sprocket rotates the chain which for the chain too!!

In a bike there are 2 wheels that rotate in any direction too and can negatively rotate to.

An example of translation is a skateboard since it can translate from one place to another

rotation #2
Another example of rotation can be a fan because it rotates and makes air for us in everyday life!!
The rim an tire can be a example of reflection and rotation too!

If you split the rim in half then
both sides are going to be

watch videos and learn.....
rotation videos
The skateboard translates with the help of the rotating wheels
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