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Completing the MAE Degree

No description

Caren Custer

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Completing the MAE Degree

Completing the MAE Degree
Why complete the MAE degree?
Teachers demonstrate their commitment to honing their practice by completing a master's program. In Minnesota, labor union contracts provide for increased compensation for those completing a master's.
When to Complete?
The MAE Program encourages students to take time after achieving license to acclimate to their new role as classroom teacher. A break of a year or so is typical.

However, students can enter degree completion immediately after licensure if they desire.
What constitutes the degree?
30 graduate level credits, minimum
How to Choose your Completion Option
Ask colleagues if they have a masters, where they obtained, how they completed their program.
Review job descriptions for positions you may want in the future, what are the requirements?
Self-Reflect. What type of student are you? Can you self-direct and time manage and complete a thesis? Is a non-thesis option the best for you?
Any chance whatsoever that you'll one day complete a Ph.D.? Then choose a thesis option.
Who can complete the master's?
To be accepted into degree completion phase an Augsburg College MAE student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.
Who, continued.
Minimum of 12 graduate credits from license/endorsement coursework
No more than 2 graduate classes with grade of 2.5 will be accepted, and only if cum GPA is >3.0
12-21 graduate level credits. Students with less than 21 credits from licensure will "make up" shortfall with additional electives.
Degree Completion
Between 3-4 classes taken during degree completion depending on completion pathway chosen.
A time to:
Completion Options
For those interested in developing an educational product that meets an identified need.
Thesis Option
3 required classes
ML elective, 3 credits (summer)
ML 514: Evaluating Empirical Research, 3 credits (fall)
EDC 585: Navigating the LAP, 3 credits (spring only)
Additional terms needed for thesis and formal research presentation
Dr. Donna Patterson is adviser for all students in this pathway
Action Research
Students selecting this option should be teaching in an education setting. The goal? Study a problem related to student's practice for the purpose of improving practice and/or work setting.
Thesis Option
3 required classes
ML elective, 3 credits (summer)
EDC 592, 3 credits (fall only)
EDC 593, 3 credits (spring only)
Additional terms needed for thesis and formal research presentation
Dr. Susan O'Connor teaches the online section of AR
Performance Assessment
Typically students interested in considering leadership within context of education
Non-Thesis Option
4 required classes
ML elective, 3 credits (spring or summer)
ML 514: Evaluating Empirical Research, 3 credits (summer or fall)
EDC 570: Teacher Leadership, 3 credits (fall or spring)
EDC 594: Performance Assessment, 3 credits (spring or fall). Should be last courses taken.
How Much?
9 credits (Leadership or Action Research) = $4365 for tuition
12 credits (Performance Assessment) = $5820 for tuition
Based on current pricing (Academic Year 2016-17)

Big Picture?
Minnesota labor contracts ensure that teachers receive a salary increase upon completion of a master's degree. It's wise to think beyond pay to overall compensation: retirement account payments also increase when salary does so over a lifetime you'll more than pay yourself back when you complete your master's.
Next Step? Apply!
MAE students must apply to and be accepted into degree completion before they're eligible to register for degree completion classes.

Contact Caren Custer
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