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Sonesh Patel

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of JOBS

Servant Servants were the lowest of the low. They were peasants who worked for a lord. Cottager Is a low class peasant that lives in a cottage
They usually own 0 land
Work as common labours Peasants A low-status landowner who works as a farmer Reeve Someone who supervises jobs on a lord's manor Baliff In charge of assigning jobs to the peasants Vassal A free man who owned a lot of land and swore loyalty to a Lord. LORDS AND KINGS WHOEVER HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES King vassal Peasants cottagers Baliff Revee Servants cottar the lowest of the peasantry. Worked as swine-herds, prison guards, and did odd jobs. Guild Membership was handed down from father to son A group of people with a common interest The importance of guilds decreased over time These guilds are full of craftworkers. These guilds controlled quality and quantity of production. They try to keep one person from getting too much trade. Craftworkers who could trade well and owned shops were called masters. Craft guilds. These guilds purpose were to protecte traders when they traveled and to gain common privileges and larger profits. Guild members could buy a large amount of items for a small price. They could also control the market for selling. Most guilds were found in towns. By 1200, merchant guilds powerful in town government. Merchant guilds A Guild is a group of people with the same interest. There were charitable, religious, and social guilds. There was also guilds of merchants and craftworkers. Guild Leisure Poverty Line Slavery Line Gong farmer A gong farmer cleaned the Latrines. Ewwwww... The End THANKS FOR WATCHING! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Early Middle ages Late Middle Ages High Middle Ages Jobs
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