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Pit and Pendulum vs. Ministers black veil Theme portrayals

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jaelyn aria

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Pit and Pendulum vs. Ministers black veil Theme portrayals

Theme is described as the underlining message, or 'big idea in a story. We have found four themes that are related based off all of the events that started within both stories. The theme of these stories that were interrelated were so significant, that they symbolized everything that held importance within these 2 stories.
Prejudice is defined as the preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
In Both stories, prejudice is a huge role. in pit and pendulum, the main character was put to trial but was never told the reason as to why he was being sentenced to die. In minister's black veil the villagers had condemned the minister to isolation just because they couldn't understand the purpose for wearing a veil.
fear is defined as being afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.
in both stories there was fear. fear came into play when the man was being condemned to death in the pit and pendulum and in the minister's black veil, society had begun to fear the minister only because they didn't understand his reasons for constantly wearing the veil even when he died.
Unjust social system
being unjust is being unfair. both social systems are totally unfair in their judgement of others. how can you condemn others to death and not even tell them why they are going to die? why condemn a man to isolation just because of what he chooses to put onto his face when he was telling a message without even saying it?
This is an unjust situation and unjust society.
Death is the final outcome in all life
Death is the final moment in life for every life form. In the "Pit and Pendulum", death was symbolized as the pit when the man had jumped in the pit after he came to the conclusion that it was his only escape. Only to find out that he couldn't outrun death when he fell in.
Death in the "Minister's black veil" had been personified as a being that "snatched away your veils" , meaning sins, the moment that death was there to claim you.
Pit and Pendulum vs. Ministers black veil Theme portrayals
Lisa Wood
Jaelyn Marshall
Cristal Lara
Dontrey Williams
Do you fear isolation and criticism from your community or do you fear death from the unjust....
(be careful what you choose, both of these options lead to your soul being lost...)
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