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Hari Mahesh for PNW Governor 2014

Like the Campaign on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hari4Gov2014

Hari Mahesh For Governor

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Hari Mahesh for PNW Governor 2014

Hari Mahesh for PNW Governor 2014
Progressing Our State
Restructuring Our Regions
Strengthening Our Chapters
Thank You for Your Time
My Declaration for PNW Governor
My name is Hari Mahesh and I am humbled to announce that
I am running for your PNW Governor this year.

Please be sure to watch my Declaration Video, it takes only
1 minute and 30 seconds, but it'll give you an overview of
my passion, experience, and platform to run for your PNW Governor
The Platform and Future I envision for the Pacific Northwest
Fall Leadership Conference
After attending the
SoCal Fall Leadership Conference
(FLC) in September 2013, I was puzzled as to why the Pacific Northwest did not have such a convention for its delegates.
More than just kicking the year off and preparing new JSAers for their future involvement in JSA, FLC and its activities are designed
to foster statesmanship and leadership in delegates
for more than just their involvement in JSA.
By implementing the FLC in the PNW, we can kick off JSA every year on a high note and we can assure that
the qualities of statesmanship and leadership are established in every delegate in the PNW.
Moving Spring State to the IER
The GPR has two State conventions and the OR has one State conventions, but the
IER has no State conventions
to call its own.
After discussing with the Program Director Steve Bayne, an IER State convention would only be possible
if the region expanded in both number of delegates and chapters
. Even though an IER State convention would not be possible next year,
the necessary framework needs to be laid that would allow for a State convention
of a State convention in the IER would be making it easier for
delegates from different socioeconomic levels
in the IER to attend JSA conventions and the convention would serve as a stepping stone for
potential chapters in Idaho and Montana

The Montezuma Experience
I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Montezuma Leadership Summit, but at Montezuma, one thought always bugged me throughout the summit:
why aren’t all these founding values of JSA taught to the delegates at the state level?
I definitely think that we need to teach everything that we are learn at the Summit to the delegates in our states.
Nothing should be kept as a secret because we can only progress into statesmen and stateswoman collectively, not individually.
teaching of JSA’s values should occur anywhere delegates participate in JSA
, including, but not limited to, our state conventions, my newly proposed regional conventions, and my newly proposed Fall Leadership Conference.

Statewide Activism Initiative
JSA has partnered with
various activism organizations
throughout the country, that has sparked lots of involvement at the national level, but unfortunately,
there hasn’t been much involvement in these initiatives at the state level
I believe that if more and
more delegates can be involved at the state level in these activism initiatives
and express their voice of approval for them, not only will we assure that these activism initiatives progress and reach their goal of positive change faster, but also we as a whole can have a positive impact on our community and country.
Everything simply comes down to
providing the opportunities that we already have within JSA to the PNW delegates
at the state level.

Alternative Debate Styles
Classical JSA debates, and to a considerable extent, gavel debates have helped me improve as a speaker and pushed me to engage in political discussions. But there is
much more that can be done when considering alternative debates styles
at our conventions.
These alternative debate styles would not only be more lively, but they would also
require delegates to think outside of the box to properly convey their message
examples of such styles
include Mock Trial, ARTivism, Debate Musical Chairs, and Political Spectrum.
Redefining the Roles of
Mayor and Vice-Mayor
Traditionally, Regional Mayors have focused on the expansion of their regions and the Vice-Mayors have only majorly assisted them in this task of expansion. However, I think that just merely
focusing on Expansion is a waste of the potential that both the Mayors and Vice-Mayors offer to their regions.
The responsibilities of a
will be redefined from just focusing on expansion to include
hosting a regional chapter convention and serving as a liaison to current chapters.
The responsibilities of a
will be redefined from also just focusing on expansion to include
spearheading a regional activism initiative and assisting the Mayor in the new responsibilities
that have been proposed above.
Regional Conventions
We definitely have
a lack of regional conventions
that occur in the PNW, but by holding the Mayors and Vice-Mayors accountable to hold at least one regional convention in their respective regions,
we can assure that each region has a regional convention to call its own.
The regional conventions would
include keynote speakers and could possibly be conducted in many different formats
, such as a March Madness Bracket or a Debate War.
The regional conventions
will help the region grow
as it will be open to every delegate within the region (and other regions too, obviously) and since we would expect a high attendance for a regional convention, we would have
more delegates be exposed to JSA
in the time that we have between our state conventions.
Regional Activism Initatives
Regional Activism Initiatives would include those causes that every chapter within
a region can rally behind and work together in a collective effort
The Vice-Mayor would be held accountable to spearheading a new regional activism initiative within their respective regions and by doing that, we can assure that
each region will have its own activism initiative
that it will focus on.
These regional activism initiatives will include the
collective involvement and effort of all the delegates
of each region, and once again, this will help each region grow as more and more students are involved in the activism initiatives that JSA presents to them.
Assistance to Chapters
It should be responsibility of Mayors and Vice-Mayors to
look out for the well-being of the chapters within their regions.
The connection for a delegate to JSA is fundamentally driven by their chapter and as a result, we need strong chapters for a strong state.
Mayors and Vice-Mayors are expected to have strong involvement within their own chapters before having been elected, and as a result, these
Mayors and Vice-Mayors could bring their expertise and assistance to the other chapters
within their regions.
Despite the existence of the Chapter Internal Affairs department, I rather see this as a way for the
Mayors and Vice-Mayors to work with the CIA department
and assist existing chapters in anything they may need.
Regional Cabinets
The responsibilities proposed in this platform cannot be just completed by the Mayor and Vice-Mayors alone; they
need help in these responsibilities
and that’s where the regional cabinets come into play.
It is necessary that we
expand the regional cabinets
accordingly to
accommodate the new responsibilities
of the regions. This expansion would include adding new cabinet positions that focus on regional conventions and activism.
The regional cabinets, like before, will assist the Mayors and Vice-Mayors in their responsibilities, but with this restructuring of the regions,
the cabinets will have to be stronger than ever before
to make sure that every region is able to live up to its potential.

The connection for a delegate to JSA is
fundamentally driven by their chapter and as a result,
we need strong chapters for a strong state.
Our PNW Chapters
New Leadership Positions for Chapters

strong chapter
is one that not only brings high attendance numbers to conventions, but also one that is
involved in activism and provides a strong platform for members
at the chapter itself.
Our Chapter Presidents have been very hard-working and successful this past year, but we can’t expect them to do everything; I propose the
creation of new Leadership Positions
within the chapters that would focus on Activism, Publicity, Fundraising, and Debate.
tasks of activism, publicity, fundraising, and debate
for each chapter would be delegated out to more people who would be held accountable for their duties and could get more would be done for their chapter.
Chapter Activism Initiatives
In this past year, there are
many examples of individual chapters who have taken their own initiative
in conducting activism projects that have involved all their chapter members and impacted their communities.
These chapters have
set an excellent example to follow for other chapters
in the state so that can take their own initiative in different activism projects that interest them
These chapter activism initiatives would be feasible for every chapter to undertake as each chapter would have proposed
Activism officer who would spearhead these activism project
and could potentially
seek the expertise and assistance of
those working in the
Activism departments
in the State and Regional cabinets.
State and Regional
Cabinet Assistance to Chapters

But more than just the Mayors and Vice-Mayors assisting the chapters, it is necessary that cabinet members on both
State and Regional Cabinets assist chapters
in their department’s area of expertise.
More than just assisting each chapter, the departments could potentially
create departmental guides
that outline how chapters should direct their efforts in the respective areas of expertise of each department.
The departments within the State and Regional Cabinet would
work with Chapter’s leadership
team to assure that each chapter has
necessary resources and assistance
for its activities and projects.
By implementing my Platform, we can make the
JSA experience in the PNW
more beneficial to you, the delegates
Because that's what JSA is about, it is about
empowering you
, and
building statesmen and stateswomen
for the future of this country.
Like us on Facebook where you can
follow the Campaign and read the Platform in depth

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