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Causes And Effects

No description

Cheyenne Lovette

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Causes And Effects

Causes and Effects Industrial Revolution New technology influenced the way people traveled and made life easier for Europeans. Rule makers struggles between the imperial powers led to peace conferences Darwin's theory he believed in natural ways (rights)
he believed that the strong animals would adapt to changes and the weak animals will die out. People still debate if imperialism was good or bad. some people say it brings jobs and technology , others say it is unfair to favor powerful nations. Globalization One of the main influences
of imperalism Before Imperialism from the 1400's to the early 1800's, european countries usually did not take over the lands in Africa or Asia. on the coast, they set up trading posts. they saw the countries more business partners more than subjects. Effects of Imperialism. When the different European countries were controlling Asia and Africa When the different European countries were controlling Asia and Africa there started battles which erupted into World War 1 secret secret secret By: Cheyenne, Ashley, Nick and Christian
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