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iServe Residential Lending Branch Marketing Overview

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Susie King

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of iServe Residential Lending Branch Marketing Overview

iServe Branch Marketing
Creating an Online Presence
The majority of Americans use the internet to research information and find local businesses.
Email Marketing
One of the most important tasks for a business is to maintain contact with its customers.
Engaging & Growing Your Audience
Many companies have discovered the amazing potential that lies within social media.
Tangible Marketing
While it’s true we live in a digital age, there’s still a need for providing a tangible message to your target audience.
Gaining the most out of your marketing strategy begins and ends with consulting.
iServe branches have several marketing challenges facing them.
Your branches are the heart of your business.
They need marketing support to increase their visibility to borrowers, referral partners and potential recruits.
They can't do it alone. They need corporate to create solid marketing tools and a plan to help them grow their business.
Riley and You, a marketing & brand management company, has developed a plan to give your branches greater exposure and help them more effectively engage their target audiences.
Branch Microsites
A microsite (mini-website) will be added to the iservelending.com site for each branch.
Currently your branches are struggling to appear in searches.
This is how we fix the issue.
Microsites will be customized for each branch, with contact information for the branch and each MLO at that location, loan solutions and more.
These microsites insure each branch has a corporate approved website.
They also boost the rankings for the iServe website.
Home page sample. Low resolution images for show only.
Loan solutions sample page. Low resolution images for show only.
Locator Tool
Make it easy for your viewers to find their nearest branch.
The locator tool works on your website, Facebook and mobile phones.
Allows a viewer to search by city, state or zip code.
Once a location is found the viewer can see the contact information for that branch. They also can click a link to go to a branch's website, Facebook page or send the branch information to their email or phone.
On your website
On your Facebook
The tool can be customized to your colors and branding.
But that's just the start.
Once your branches have been added to our locator database, we then claim your branch locations on the 6 leading online search directories.
Since third parties can access your directory information, we update every branch's information in each directory monthly.
Why is local business claiming important?
I did a search for
"mortgage company san diego."
These mortgage companies came up in my search because they have claimed their locations and accurately tagged their listing.
It's time your branches were found!
Search Engine Marketing
It's not enough just to have a website and claim your location. You need your message in front of potential customers right when they're searching for what you have to offer.
Search Engine Marketing [SEM] is a type of non-interruptive marketing. It's highly effective because it targets individuals who are actively looking for your product or services.
It allows you to narrowly target your audience based on keywords and geographic location.
Once an SEM advertising campaign is created, we can monitor it's success with analytics and make changes as needed to improve your results.
SEM allows you to target audiences by keywords, geographic location & more.
These companies use SEM and have targeted their ads for the keywords
"home loans".
They show up on the most highly clicked areas of the search page.
With SEM your branches have a greater chance of being seen by viewers in need of loan solutions. The ads can link directly to the branch's microsite, showing the user that this branch can not only help them, but is also nearby so they can work with someone face-to-face.
Research has shown that users have mentioned 3 key reasons why they prefer to receive email newsletters:
Email newsletters keep users up-to-date with informative content.

The convenience of email newsletters delivered straight to the user’s inbox is attractive; users only need a simple click to access the information that’s of interest to them.

Email newsletters have timely content and real-time delivery.
Newsletter programs that take advantage of these benefits have a sustainable future. However, they must constantly deliver specific and current information that helps readers with life or work issues.
Creating an effective newsletter requires you to think like a magazine editor, not a business owner.
Branches need two newsletters. One that targets borrowers and another that targets industry professionals (referral partners).
Since branches do not have the time to create a monthly newsletter, corporate needs to provide newsletters for the branches to send out to their subscribers.
Riley and You can help you think like a magazine editor. We will work with you to create content valuable to your audience.
Our newsletters are custom coded, giving you a customized and beautiful newsletter design.
We even manage your subscriber lists and send out your newsletter campaigns.
This gives corporate control over the messages that branches are sending out, frees up the branches to focus on leads and insures that each branch is staying top-of-mind with their audiences.
Borrower Newsletter Sample
Industry professional newsletter sample
The foundation of a successful social media strategy is having a public content management system (CMS) or as they are more commonly called, a blog.
Facebook is the leading social media platform. In a recent study of companies that used social media, 92% of those companies utilized Facebook.
LinkedIn is the leading business-to-business social media platform.
Twitter is the place to quickly get information on topics that appeal to you. It’s great for business professionals who want to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, find key articles in their area of interests and more.
When used together, social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs have a powerful impact.
iServe has two websites that target very different demographics.
For that reason two blogs will be
Blogs are key on so many levels.
They provide SEO and increase the rankings of the website they’re attached to.
They provide an easily searchable database of content, when categorized and tagged correctly.
They also provide a landing point for your posts, tweets and email marketing campaigns.
One will need to be added on to the iServe lending site for borrower content and the second will need
to be added to the joiniserve.com site for employee, recruiting and referral content.
Riley and You would be responsible for the design/customization, category creation, SEO optimization, tagging and uploading of content.
Each blog will have its own Google analytics, allowing us to track traffic, engagement patterns and link clicks.
The key emphasis on Facebook is interacting and sharing with peers on a more personal level.
Your primary audience on Facebook is the borrower.
Your secondary audience is industry professionals.
Content on Facebook needs to appeal to your audience, such as interest rates, home repair tips and tricks, home buying advice, local events, etc.
“About” section needs to be updated to include more company information and contact information.
Suggestions for the Corporate Facebook page.
The corporate Facebook page is important to branches as it is the official representation of the company.
The cover photo needs to reflect a more inviting image that appeals to borrowers since they’re the primary audience.
Two custom tabs need to be added to the page allowing viewers to find their nearest branch using the locator tool and to learn about loan solutions.
Posting frequency for the corporate page is 3-5 times per week.
“About” section needs to be complete with branch information and contact information.
Suggestions for the Branch Facebook pages.
The cover photo needs to feature a local aspect of the area that is easily recognizable, such as a landmark, skyline, etc.
Two custom tabs need to be added to the page allowing viewers to find a branch MLO and to learn about loan solutions.
Posting frequency for the branch page is 3-5 times per week. Most posts will reflect the corporate postings with local news and content added.
It currently plays a huge role in recruiting, allowing companies and potential employees to connect, review backgrounds, work history, skills, services offered and more.
The primary audience for LinkedIn is potential employees and the secondary audience is referral partners.
Content categories for LinkedIn are benefits of working with iServe, new hire announcements, company news & updates, real estate market trends, information about services & differentiating factors, posting open positions, etc.
The corporate LinkedIn page should be the only company representation. MLO's and Branch managers may maintain individual pages that link to the corporate page if they wish.
A cover photo needs to be added that has a specific call to action and links to a landing page hosted on the iServe website/blog.
Suggestions for the Corporate LinkedIn Home Page.
The home page needs to be re-worked to include a more engaging summary about the company with urls for both the consumer and recruiting sites.
Posting for the corporate LinkedIn page is three posts per week, not including open positions.
Slide show photos need to be replaced with high quality images that provide key information and a clear call to action. They need to be linked to specific landing pages on the iServe website/blog.
Suggestions for the Corporate LinkedIn Services Page.
All loan options and services that are reflected on the website need to be added with unique thumbnail images for each service.
Twitter only allows you to post very short messages (maximum length is 140 characters). Due to this restriction, posts need to be concise, attention-grabbing and provide a link for viewers to access information.
Twitter, more than any other social media outlet, requires a blog solution to be successful.
In order to be effective, the corporate Twitter account should be the only official company representation.
Suggestions for Corporate Twitter Page.
Current corporate Twitter page needs a more engaging company overview and cover photo.
Background is replaced with iServe branded imagery.
Posting for the corporate Twitter page is 10-14 posts or re-tweets per week.
The primary audience is referral partners. Secondary audience is potential employees. Twitter content categories should include real estate market news, industry trends & highlights, interest rate updates, company news & updates, current positions, etc.
Branches need the following print collateral provided to them.
Handout materials such as:
Booklets & Brochures
Information Cards
Direct Mail Pieces such as:
Riley and You can create custom design pieces tailored to whatever print format you require.
With corporate providing print collateral & direct mail options to branches, it can insure that all information is adhering to legal guidelines and reflecting the iServe branding.
We can build all of the tools and put them into place, but without Riley engaged with your leadership team and key personnel throughout the creation and execution of the strategy, the plan goes off course quickly.
Anytime strategies exist, consulting is there to both push and keep things on course, and make adjustments as needed. Consulting is both the glue that effectively binds together and the maestro that orchestrates the new marketing tools within your new strategy.
Consulting is not limited to the corporate office. Branches may need an outside source to help them plan effectively and spend their marketing dollars wisely.
This is about being their marketing team - creating
and keeping plans for growth on course and being the catalyst for continued advertising and promotion.
We believe the suggestions outlined in this strategy will give the branches a solid foundation with which to build successful marketing campaigns.
We estimate approximately 3 months to setup & implement all the necessary marketing tools.
Once all tools are in place, ongoing consulting, content creation and managing will be necessary for marketing efforts to be effective.
From the whole Riley and You marketing team, thank you for this opportunity. We welcome the ability to be your marketing team.
Britney Wilson
Marketing Consultant
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