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Foreign workers in Macau

No description

Tina Chiu

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Foreign workers in Macau

three aspects
On Producers
Costs of more import workers
Effects of Foreign Workers
Benefits of more import workers
On Citizens
On Government
Monday, April 28, 2014
Foreign Workers

Disadvantages outweigh advantages

Lower wage rate

lower work opportunities

Low opportunities of promotion

High housing prices
Foreign workers in Macao
Foreign Workers
A foreign worker is a person who works in a country where he or she is not a citizen. They work in that country with more preferred job prospects than their home country.

Foreign Workers in Macao
Population: 598,200 people
( 16,200 people)

Total labour force: 379,000

Number of foreign workers: 135,886 people
( 25,334 people)

Unemployment rate: 1.7%


Lack of skilled labour

Participate in unfavourable kind of work
Civil Workers

Unemployment: low 1.7%

Skilful worker: low

High Inflation
Aggregate demand

Lower level of income
Average income for middle-aged group is low($12,300)

Living standard of living

Cash Outflow
Remit money back to their own country

Higher expenses
Spend on training
Soothe high housing price problems (High density)

Social Problems
Occupy resources
Foreign workers’ gathering

Cost of training
May need to provide housing

Effects on Macau Economy
More workers
Aggregate Supply

New Production methods
Foreign labours
New skills
More innovation and production methods
Advanced technology

Increase long term competitiveness
Foreign labour with higher skill levels (talented individuals)
encourage the local labour to learn and improve as to become more competitive.

High housing prices
Lower labour wage
Lower opportunities in promotion
Supply of labour increase while demand stays the same
Lower the wage rate
lower living standard

Large-scaled companies like Sands and Wynn, they employ foreign workers for management posts.
Local workers may stay in small posts, like dealers.( low skill, high paid)

Mainly from mainland (63%)
Indonesia, Thailand and
Domestic helper and other services.

For manufacturing industry, salary 32% than Macau citizens
For servicing, salary 30% than Macau citizens

Reasons for hiring foreign workers
Lack of labour and skilled labour
Hotels and restaurats
Construction work
High dangerous grass-roots work
Civil workers
( Minimum Wage $18- $26)

Unfavorable work



Meagan Chan, Tina Chiu, Josephine Kong, Rainie Ng
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