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Man hangs self, blames wife and lover

No description

Kamrin Perez

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Man hangs self, blames wife and lover

Man hangs self, blames wife and lover on video
Sunil Ugde-Husband
Anuradha Udge-Wife
Chhotu- Wife's Lover
Sunil Udge was found in his hutment in Agripada in central Mumbai.
By hanging himself, Sunil has had many affects on different areas. For example some people believe that it isn't right that the wife and her lover were arrested while others argue it is more than right considering she hadn't followed any role a mother/wife should be fulfilling in the Indian culture.
Sunil took his life blaming not only his wife and her lover but a policeman as well. Sunil states in the video that if the policeman took him seriously and helped him get his wife then he wouldn't have had to take his life. His wife would leave the family for 2-3 months at times and Sunil saw taking his life as the only way she'd realize what she was doing was wrong and finally take responsibility for the kids.
Sunil Udge, a 38 year old driver, hangs himself accusing his wife of 18 years and her paramour-including a policeman as well- in driving him to suicide.
October 10, 2013
Date of Sunil's Death:
Date wife & her Lover were arrested:
October 8, 2013
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