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Convurt [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 18 February 2017

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Transcript of Convurt [Shared]

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like If:
$500 value
Personal Consultation - With Me
Your Advanced Wealth Accumulation Strategy Session
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Now is the time to take control
Enter text here
Enter text here
Enter text here
Break old habits
How The Wealthy Actually Invest Their Money
Powerful investment strategies
How to avoid running out of money
Why the 'one size fits all' does not work
The surface of researched and implemented solutions
Who is Blake Petipas?
Why should you listen to me?
TAX FREE investment growth
Following the best retirement plan
Always have money in retirement
Protect your family’s financial security
Better results than you ever imagined
What Credibility Do I Have?
years experience
We serve over
This webinar is for information purposes only, and is not personalized financial advice.
Please understand that other people's results may not be typical and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
You should seek suitable professional advice where required to have a plan tailored to suit your needs and assets.
However, today I'm happy to share with you, for FREE, exactly what's working - right now - for us and our clients.
...should be avoided is extremely intense ideology…
...what you’re doing is pounding it in, pounding it in, and you’re gradually ruining your mind...
Where Financial Institutions and the wealthy are ACTUALLY keeping large portions of their
portfolios, and why
they aren’t telling YOU
What are the Wealthy doing
Why does the average American not use this investment strategy?
Didn’t always make sense
Recommended unsuitable investments
Advisors and Large Corporations compensated far more off
Why Invest Tax Free?
The 3 Most common reasons people's financial plans fail them in Retirement
We are in a low tax environment
Where will taxes be in the future?
Government debt sits at near $19 trillion
Income tax is estimated at 1,646 billion
In 2025 tax paid expected to be 2,781 billion
That’s a 41% increase in 9 years
Be prepared for this
There are 3 Ways you can be taxed:
Taxed now and in the future on your gains
Tax-Free now and Taxed later when you take income
And the least utilized form, Taxed now and then taxed never again on your gains in the future
Why is tax-free growth so crucial?
Let’s look at two best friends
back in 1986
Both are
years old with young families
They want to
their retirement and
their families
Greg believes in
tax-free investing
Jake decides to invest in the
stock market
Fast Forward
30 Years...
Which friend ended up better off?
Jake has $802,000 in his account
Greg ended up with $1,550,000! Simply due to not being taxed
Modest Withdrawal Rates Increase Portfolio Longevity
So Far We’ve Covered….
People don’t believe their money will run out
Are you
saving enough
Every spending
your available finances
You’re at
from market volatility & unexpected expenses
Source: BlackRock Informa Investment Solutions
This shows the effect of the amount drawn in relation to how long your portfolio will last
Sequence of Return Risk
They don’t plan for Inflation
$1 today won’t be equal to $1 in 20 years
Average annual inflation is 3.75%
$100,000 in 1958 = $1.5 million today
The strategy that is applied to a large portion of banks portfolios, yet kept from you as they push their other investments
The 3 most common reasons peoples’ financial plans fail them in retirement
Why having a tax free portion to your portfolio is vital to every portfolio
Secret #1
Secret #2
Secret #3
Strategy Session
Have you ever asked yourself:
“Where does all my money go?”
Can you even remember?
Do you have anything to show for it?
Forget the money, where does the time go?
You spend hours at your computer reading through pages of information, hoping you understand it correctly and try to find the best method to maximise your retirement that is stable and can provide for your family should they need it.
Book a call with me in a few minutes and close your computer. Go and make memories with your loved ones. Catch up with friends. Finish that book you started. Live your life safe in the knowledge that you have used your time wisely.
Time Better Spent…
Here's What Else You're Going To Get:
Advanced Wealth Accumulation Strategy Session with Me
($500 Value)
Personalized Financial Plan
($500 Value)
Total Value: $1000
Bonus 1
Fact Finder & Budget Review
Value ($99)
Information Alone isn’t enough
Even if you go no further, you will still walk away with:
Better understanding of situation & options
A realistic, personalized plan
Answer to your questions
Access to information
Here's What Else You're Going To Get:
Personal Consultation - With Me
($500 Value)
Personalized Financial Plan
($500 Value)
: Budget Review
($99 Value)
Total Value:
Make it happen
Take action & control
Don't waste your time
Be successful
Book NOW and receive...
The valuable ‘Planning for a Secure Future’ downloadable guide
Thank you!
$500 value
Personalized Financial Plan
$99 value
Bonus 1
: Budget Review
Bonus 2
‘Planning for a Secure Future’ Downloadable Guide
Total Value: $1099
Make the right choices & say Goodbye!
Say goodbye to worrying about low retirement funds
Say goodbye to being fearful of running out of money during your golden years
Say goodbye to stress and worry
Say goodbye to wasting your precious time and enjoy your life now, rather than worrying about the future
A Few Parting Thoughts...
Personal Consultation
($500 Value)
Personalized Financial Plan
($500 Value)
Fact Finder & Budget Planning Review
($99 Value)
‘Planning for a Secure Future’ Downloadable Guide
Choose to spend your time doing what’s important, don’t waste it
Implementing a portion of your disposable income could make all the difference to your future
make the decision to be proactive and successful or
make excuses
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