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poetry project

by emily and madeline

Maddie Tavrides

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of poetry project

What experiences inspired the poet's perspective? recognition of having Graves disease
recognition of having cancer
knowing death is coming closer How do your experiences shape your perspective? learn new things
new education
living through tough times What makes this poem insteresting and or meaningful? tone
figuarative language
sorrow atmosphere Christina Rossetti Personal Background:
born in london
one of 4 children
italian parents
father and brother were poets
Both alive at the same time:
Historical Events-
Victorian Age
End of Romantism
Beginning of Moderism
Louis Braille invented braille
Andrew Johnson was the 17th U.S president
Civil War Family Life
born in England in 1806
1 out of 12 children
privileged childhood
family struggled with finacial business
married Robert browning. Her father never spoke to her again
Entering poetry:
first poem written in 1842
contributed to the Pre- Raphaelite journal
best known for ballads & mystic lyrics Elizabeth Barrett Browning Some of her other works:
Prince's Progress & Other poems
Sing- Song
A pagent Illnesses:
recieves word that she has
Grave's disease
developes cancer
Died in London Dec. 29 1894 Area Of Interaction Connection:
Health and Social Education Remember: How I love thee: Remember: How I love thee: Remember: How I love thee: Main person undergoes
imense changes...of death Poetry Project
By Emily Scaletta
Madeline Tavrides Remember
By: Christina Rossetti going through rough family times
new school
family deaths and sickness

loving uncondtionally even after death love and live and death
repetition of "I love thee" How I love thee
By: Elizabeth Barrett Browning Died in Florence on June 29, 1861 Struggles:
death of brother, Edward, by drowning
Father wouldn't allow her to marry
age 15- unknown illness
age 31- serious lung ailment Christina Rossetti: Christina Rossetti Poets.org Poetry, Poems, Bios & More. 1997-20010. April 14th, 2010. http://poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/716

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