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logans forestry project

No description

logan oetken

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of logans forestry project

what school subjects do you excel in? I excel in languange arts. what subjects do you want to improve the most? I need to improve in chemistry. what activities are you involved in at school or in the community? Im a skate boarder. who are two people you talk to about what you want to do after highschool. Mostly talk to my mother about it beceause i only live with her. what are you considering doing after you graduate? After i graduate i want to stay out of school for like two years to relax and do my own thing. How do you become a forester? Just having a high school diploma can get you in the forestry field. And going to college for your bachelors can get you higher in the charts. how much money does a forester earn? A foresters income is 78,350 a year. what is the working enviroment like? A forester works outside most of the time learning about trees,and animal habitat. just alot of working out side. what are two big advantages of being a forester? learning about nature and fixing the sustainabiity of our city. what are two disadvantages of being a forester? getting sick like colds or flues, and having the risk of getting attacked by animals. what personality traits are needed? wanting to work with nature
and being positive. were can you get a forestry degree? oregon state un.
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