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i like to play video games

No description

Blake Hammon

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of i like to play video games

i like to play video games
i was born in Indiana
my favorite NFL team is Detroit Lions
my favorite food is PIZZA!
i go to three rivers middle school
my favorite subject is math
my favorite animal is the Tiger
i have four brothers
my favorite number is 23
my favorite letter is A
my favorite air animal is a dragon witch is of course is not real
i hate slop
i hate doing homework
i dont study unless i have to
im gonna move to Tennesse in 1-2 years
i also like snakes
i have 2 moms
i have one dad
my favorite TV show is Legends Of Chima
thanks for watching
this is who it is by: Blake Hammon
i hate when the teacher says the bell does not dismiss you i dissmiss you
my brothers names are Zach, Freddie, Carl and, Jimmie
my sisters names are Valerie, Dina, and, Kristen
my favorite book is michigan chillers Dinosours Destroy Detroit
by Jonathan Rand
i like to play lego games including batman and marvel
i also like playing Advanced Warfare because everybody else sucks at it
i dont study unless i have too
i'd rather play video games than do homework,do chores, or go to school
i like to kill people on video games
i love trolling people
30 things about me
my lucky number is 11
my favorite movie is
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