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Descriptive Essay

No description

Tsisana Palmer

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay This essay described how something:

souned? tasted?
smelled? Begin with a Hook Starting with the Introduction Body
(at least two) Descriptive Catch your reader's attention! Continue with connecting information End with the Thesis Statement!!! Nowadays, many young people cannot survive without the Internet. It is not unusual to see many of them walking, driving, and even sleeping with their devices. In fact, they are never free of their gadgets and bring laptops, smart phones, and iPads to classes, restaurants, library, etc. While they seem to be enjoying their "digital company", many older people find such behavior "strange" and "destructive". Example First of all, let's keep in mind that the previous generations grew up without any electronic devices. Even some ten years ago, many people would still communicate with their families and friends face to face - they would get together over a delicious dinner, tell funny stories, have a few laughs, and enjoy both the meal and the company. For these reasons, many grandmothers and grandfathers think that their grandchildren behave strange - they can sit quietly in front of their screens for hours, sometimes smiling, and often not noticing what is going on around them! Second, many teachers are not used to seeing their students using laptops in class, either. In the past, teachers only saw students using books, a paper, and a pen. Teachers were "serious" when they were teaching, and the students were "serious" when they were studying. Moreover, anything distructive was viewed negatively, and, for that reason, nothing unrelated to studying was allowed in class. As a result, many of todays teachers feel confused and do not know what to do when the students bring their laptops to class. Finally, more and more of the policemen, lawmakers, and ordinary citizens are trying to decide what to do with the young drivers. Particularly, with the drivers who are texting or checking their e-mails while driving. As more and more accidents occur due to the lack of attention, this situation creates a serious concern. In conclusion, today's young people are absolutely attached to their devices. They cannot stop using them even when they are in class, driving, walking, sleeping, etc. Because most of today's parents and almost all grand-parents grew up without any devices, they often feel that their children and grandchildren are not listening, paying any attention, or interested in anything else except for their devices. Introduction

3 Body paragraphs - supported the thesis statement

Conclusion Discuss two subjects - people, objects, places, ideas, etc.
Compare - similarities
Contrast - differences
Compare-Contrast - both differences and similarities

2 methods:
Point-by Point
Block Comparison Essay Title: Male and Female Bosses.

I. Introduction
Connecting Information
Thesis statement: In this essay, I will analyze the differences in male and female bosses education, experience, and salary.

II. Body Paragraph 1 (Point of comparison 1): Education
A. Subject 1: Males
B. Subject 2: Females

III. Body Paragraph 2 (Point of comparison 2): Experience
A. Subject 1: Males
B. Subject 2: Females

IV. Body Paragraph 3 (Point of Comparison 3): Salary
A. Subject 1: Males
B. Subject 2: Females

V. Conclusion Do You Recognize the Method? Choose a topic! Let's Vote! 1. The Smilarities Between High School and College.

2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Public Transportation to Commute.

3. Life as a Single Child and Life with Siblings

4. Differences Between My Hometown and Boise

5. Similarities Between My Culture and American Culture Descriptive Paragraph The Secret Garden Test: Unit 1.

9:00 - 9:45 am

Please stay in class if you finish early.

No cell phone use!

No communication! Descriptive Paragraph

Descriptive Essay Work with a partner: Paragraph:

My Daily Prison Name at least 4
examples/details that the author used to describe
her daily life at work. Underline the topic sentence.

Identify the controlling idea. Share with a Partner: From Paragraph to Essay Paragraph:

Topic Sentence
Supporting Detail 1
Supporting Detail 2
Supporting Detail 3
Concluding Sentence Essay
Introduction (Paragraph 1)

Body Paragraph 1
Topic Sentence
Three SD

Body Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence
Three SD

Body Paragraph 3
Topic Sentence
Three SD

Concluding Paragraph The Key Sentence in an Essay is the

THESIS STATEMEMT Complete a Descriptive
Essay Outline Introduction A. Hook
B. Connecting Info
C. Thesis statement connect to the topic BOOM!!! Five-Paragraph Essay Blueprint pages 90-91

What are the steps of writing an essay? step 1: Choose a topic
step 2: Brainstorm
step 3: Outline
step 4: Write the first draft
step 5: Get feedback
step 6: Revise the first draft
step 7: Proofread Topics:

An Ideal Class
(setting, activities, favorite
exercises, topics, etc.) The Best Way to Learn English how I learn best, activities, experience, etc. Brainstorm USA Population Democracy State Laws Government Nature different nationalities climate
national parks elections
president Alaska
Maryland freedom of speech
freedom of religion
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