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HeADCo Reloaded 2013

The awesome fantastic presentation that lets you know everything you have to in order to attend this amazing conference!

Nataliya Senchuk

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of HeADCo Reloaded 2013

when?? 4-7 April what is our destination? party themes! The dancing dead Youth to business forum is a unique opportunity for AIESEC in Greece partners to interact and open discussions over important topics and global trends with young talented minds from the 7 biggest universities.The purpose of the forum is not only to brinde the gap between Youth and Business but also to create a paths and patterns in which each side will support and enhance the other.. AGGELIKI LUAN LEONIDAS MARIA AGGELIKI XARIS MARIA VASSILIKI FACIS FACIS 5th April 2013 CONFERENCE MANAGER
IRIS KATSAROU Don't forget.....
sarOCi is working hard for
your experience

We're waiting!! "HeADCo RE 2013 is where young bright minds are gathered to meet new aspects of student life!" "It is an amazing opportunity for us to connect, have fun, develop and be ready to make the breakthough for AIESEC Greece!" "You can feel the energy of hundreds of people in 4 days, share things, listen to new ideas and interact with people from the business world. All, in just 4 days :)" Because we are ALL here to make it AMAZINGGG ;) experience friendship, knowledge, passion, team work, leadership, connection with external environment... and all these in 4 days!" "HEADCo Re will transmit the passion to lead responsibly and successfully yourself, your entity, your community!" MESSAGE FROM IRIS KATSAROU

www.kingsaron.gr Greetings to everyone!!!
My name is Iris Katsarou, I am 22 years old and I have the the joy and privilege to be the President of AIESEC Greece, the biggest student organization in the world, which aims to empower young people so that they can bring change and development to the Greek society and into their own lives.
Soon 4 unique days are coming and they are called HeADCo Reloaded 2013. 4 days during which members from 4 different cities and 7 different LCs will come together and so much more! It is one of the organization’s magical moments where different people are united for a common goal.
Everybody who is going to be in the conference and a very special group of people who have put a lot of enthusiasm to organize it, so those 4 days will become an unforgettable experience for everyone and most importantly because they bring the responsibility that this conference will empower the youth, the members of AIESEC Greece, so that in turn they will be able to empower themselves and society. It is a crucial point for the organization in order for it to be able to bring higher results than it has ever done in its’ history and for us to be able to bring the Greek society , through simple actions, to sustainable development and for AIESEC Greece to be an innovative organization for the greek community.
Speaking on behalf of many, I anticipate the conference and I feel sincerely happy expressing it!
See you soon, AIESEC Greece! 1. Dream Valley Party 3.BlackMidnight Party 2. Dancing dead CHIEF DELEGATES ATHENS Giorgos Pappas george.pappas@aiesec.net

UniPi Thomai Stoulia thomai.stoulia@aiesec.net

UoM Maria Kotsia maria.kwtsia@aiesec.net

NKUA Maria Makri maria.makri@aiesec.net

AUTH Diana Andrei diana.andrei@aiesec.net

Aegean Anna Siasiou anna.siasiou@aiesec.net

Patras Magdalini Petsa magdalina.petsa@aiesec.net Departure times!!!! Be there or be left behind! ATHENS 7.30 FROM PEDIO TOY AREOS
03/04/2013 Special Thanks to the official Supporters of HeADCo Reloaded 2013
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