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on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Egypt

Big Idea
The Egyptian flag
Capital: Cairo
Geographic Features
Culture Aspects
Red represents the struggle against the British occupation of Egypt (the period before 1952)
Black stands for the end of the oppression of the people of Egypt at the hands of the Monarchy and British colonialism (after 1952)
White symbolises the advent of the 1952 Revolution which ended the monarchy without bloodshed
The eagle of Saladin represents power and strength
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
Been President since June 8, 2014
Government type: Republican
88,487,396 (July 2015 est.)
The Nile River
This is the only year-round river in Egypt
Mount Sinai
Elevation: 7,497
Mount Catherine
Elevation: 8,625
Shaiyb al-Banat
Elevation: 7,175
Sahara Deserts
Giza Plateau
Clothing for Women
The clothing for women is mostly base off of religion. Many women wear either a hijab (a covering for the neck and head) or a niquab (a covering of the face and head); however it is not uncommon to see an Egyptian women without a head covering. Due to the heat, many of their garments are light weight and loose fitting to help keep them cool.
Clothing for Men
There are no religious restriction for men's attire in Egypt. There are some devout Muslims in Egypt who do not wear any clothing that clings to the body. These devout Muslims and usually men of the lower classes wear a galabiya (loose fitting ankle length robe) along with a turban, skullcap or fez. The kaftan (ankle length coat with large sleeves,worn belted round the waist) is worn over the galabiya and is often worn by more religious men as well. However, most men today wear more western type clothing. This includes business suits while at work and trousers and short sleeved shirts for every day wear.
In Egypt the language is Arabic, how you read Arabic is the same way you read Hebrew backwards
Sometimes called Kefta, these are spiced meatballs often served on a skewer
Sometimes the Avengers like to get Shawarma.
Mcaroni Bechamel
Penne pasta with a layer of cooked spiced meat and onions and white (Bechamel) sauce
A soup made from finely chopped mallow leaves mixed with ground coriander and garlic (normally only eaten at home)
This popular Middle Eastern sandwich is made from shaved goat, chicken, lamb, beef, or turkey. I is rolled in pita bread and tahini sauce
even at the beach and olympics they must be covered
Egypt's main religion is Muslim and there is 10-15% of Christians.
When a church burns down they can not rebuild it since it's a Muslim country.
But when ISIS killed 21christians the Egyptian government allowed them to build a church in honer of the christians that died.
Shamadan Dance
Shamadan dancers are dancers who preform at weddings, baby shower and other special occasions. These dancer wear bright color dresses and belly dance with candles holders strap to their heads.
40'th day after death
The 40'th days after death is a traditional memorial service in memory of the departed on the 40'th day after his/her death. This tradition comes from the Orthodox Slavs.
A Sebou is an old Egyptian tradition which is celebrated on the seventh day after a baby's birth. This is celebrated by Copts and Muslims alike and for both girl and boy babies. Some of the traditions of Sebou include gently shaking and rolling the newborn in a flour sifter, and clanging pots and pans. The rolling of the baby reportedly dates back to pharaonic times when newborns were shaken and rolled to shake off any evil spirits and loud noises were made to scare bad spirits away.
The climate in Egypt is the same here in California. In the summers it's, hot and dry and in the winters it's cool, windy and humid.
In Egypt most of the vegetation is located at the Nile delta, Nile valley and oases. There are many types of plants and trees. Papyrus plant is the plant to make of course papyrus paper. Many trees are found in Egypt like, date palms, cypress, elm, sycamore and many more.
Papyrus plant
My personal Egyptian Pharaohs (my dad)
google images
The country has approximately 300 species of birds, like sunbird, flamingo, stork, quail, heron and egret.
Gazelles are found in the deserts along with desert fox, hyena, jackal, boar, jerboa and egyptian mongoose.
Desert fox
Egyptian mongoose
Crocodiles and Hippos are common in the lower area of the Nile and Nile delta. Lizards and several kinds poisonous snakes like ape and horned viper
Egypt get most of their money from tourism. They also get money by selling their goods like cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruits and vegetables
October 6, 1973 Egypt attacks Israel to get there land back (Sinai).
January 25 - February 11 The Mubarak government was overd thrown. Mubarak was President from 1981-2011 (30 years)
Anwar El-Sadat was Egypt's third President and was assassinated on October 6, 1981
FUN FACT: When you vote in Egypt they cover your finger in ink and use your finger print to mark your vote
Anwar El-Sadat
Egypt Michelle Bassali
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