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Olivia Denton

No description

Christy Smith

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Olivia Denton

Characters Summary Literary Elements Text Connection Mental Picture Prediction Text Connection Evermore
By: Alyson Noel Damen Auguste Point of View Flashback Ever Bloom Ever is a sixteen year old girl who is a little different. Damen is the new guy who is hot on the outside, but who has a deep dark secret hidden within. Setting Ever, a sixteen year old girl has a special gift. When the new guy, Damen Auguste moves to town she finds something different about him, too. She finds herself falling in love with this boy she barely knows. She has to struggle to overcome all of her problems, from Drina to Haven, to whether or not Damen is the guy she is meant to be with. She has the ability to read minds, and she ends up an immortal. He never dies! Damen is immortal, and he has a crazy past that is overflowing into the present. Ever remembers when she was in the car accident. She remembers being brought back to life after nearly dieing. It is a love story that reminded me of Twilight. A girl falling in love with someone that is out of her reach, and then the guy makes the girl one of his own kind. I predict that Ever and Damen will get married. I think he will help her control the powers she has and possibly help her discover some powers she never knew about. Evermore is written in first person point of view from Ever Bloom's perspective. I can clearly picture in my head when Ever looks up the meaning of giving someone red tulips and white rosebuds. The setting is Long Beach, California. Ever is very pretty beneath all the baggy clothes. She has blonde hair, but she always keeps it in a ponytail. She is kind of an outcast. Damen is the typical "bad boy" that girls love. He's a little bit of a player, he skips school, and he is very cute. He is also very wealthy. All the girls love him, including Ever! Poverina Magdalena Auguste (Drina) Drina, another immortal, was married to Damen, and still is. She and Damen can't get a divorce because they got married so long ago. Since Damen is in love with Ever, and Drina is still in love with Damen, Drina tries everything to get rid of Ever.
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