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Old English Phonology: Overview of Changes

No description

Javier Diaz

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of Old English Phonology: Overview of Changes

PrIde Phonemes
PrIde to PrGmc
Short Low Back Merger (SLBM)
Long Low Back Merger (SLBM)
Diphthongal Mergers
Grimm's Law
Verner's Law
PrGmc Phonemes
PrGmc to WGmc
Opening of /i/ and /u/
Retraction of /e:/
Split of /eu/
Gemination of consonants
WGmc Phonemes
WGmc to PrOE
Nasalization of /a:/
First Fronting
New diphthongs (homorganic)
Second fronting
Breaking of vowels
PrOE to OE
Restauration of /a/
Breaking by vowels
Palatalization of consonants
PrOE Phonemes
OE Phonological system
OE vowels
OE consonants
before 500 BC
500-250 BC
250-100 BC
100 BC- 1AD
1-200 AD
200-400 AD
400-700 AD
c 456 AD
700-1066 AD
OE pronunciation
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