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F16 PH333 7.3.1-7.3.3

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Richard Datwyler

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of F16 PH333 7.3.1-7.3.3

Maxwell's Equations
7.3.1 Electrodynamics before Maxwell
7.3.2 Maxwell's Fix to Ampere's law
7.3.3 Maxwell's Equations
Electrodynamics Pre-Maxwell
Ampere's Law
Faraday's Law
Gauss's law for magnitism
Gauss's Law
Take the divergence of the last two.....
Also Ampere's law has an issue with the current inclosed when looked at around a capacitor.
Enter Maxwell.
Displacement current
Lets look again at the divergence of Ampere's law
reminds you of continuity
add in Gauss's law
combine ideas and put back in Ampere's law
try divergence again
both sides go to zero with continuity and Gauss's law
this is the displacement current
Fixing Ampere's Law
it isn't a current
but if fixes both the divergence issue and the surface flux issue
both surfaces give same result.
The induced E field inside a wire carrying alternating current was found to be.
Find the displacement current density and integrate it to get the total displacement current
Maxwell's Equations
Ampere's Law with Maxwell's correction
Faraday's Law
Gauss's law for magnitism
Gauss's Law
Lorentz force
These 5 represent the key equations of electrodynamics.
They show how fields are made by charged particles, and how fields influence charged particles
for this induced current to be 1% of the applied current, in a 1 mm diameter wire
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