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WLC Student Presentation 2017-18

No description

Mariann Ryan

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of WLC Student Presentation 2017-18

Job Shadows
One day 'snap shot' of a career.
Student testimonials
It really helped me narrow my focus of which part of Criminal Justice that I wanted to be a part of when I get older.- Taylor
What if you could...
try on a career for a day...
-or the summer...
-or an academic term?
I now know this is not what I want to do which is good so I didn't end up wasting time and money to get into a field I didn't really like.- Aaron
This job shadow confirmed that I want to have a career in the medical field.- Alyssa
Job Shadow Deadline
Check with your school for deadline information!

Apply now! This is your only opportunity this school year.

All approvals must be completed by 3pm on September 22, 2017.

October-April placement
Internship Deadlines
Winter/Spring placement
Deadline = November 3, 2017

Summer/Fall placement
Deadline = February 9, 2018

All approvals and references
must be completed by 3pm
on these dates.

Login Page
Check your dashboard after you apply to see status of your application.
Applications are not complete without parent and school approval!!!

Excused Absence
Short time commitment (2-4 Hours)
Fun, free way to find the right career fit!
Remember to...
Click on Job Shadow link
Group Exploration Days listed with a paragraph description
Click here to learn more about a career
Click here to apply
Internship Requirements

2. 45 to 90 hours of planned career experience

Individual career options are listed below
1. Apply and interview
3. Attend meetings to learn employability skills
Effective Teams
Creative Problem-solving
Transferable Skills
More in-depth career exploration
Learn skills valuable in any career

Never applied for a WLC job shadow or internship?
Applied before but forgot your password?
Log in and check your dashboard
Check Spam/Junk mail
Click on Internship link
Applications are not complete without parent and school approval and references!!!
Make transportation arrangements
Meet with your school counselor and apply early for Internships

Go to www.workplace-learning.org
One job shadow per school year
Click on a photo
If approval e-mail wasn't received, check Spam/Junk folder!
Develop professional network and build your resume
Stand out on college, scholarship & job applications
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