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Summative isabella

No description


on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Summative isabella

Clothes, Now and Then
By. Isabella
Clothes for Boys
100 years ago boys would usually dress like small men everywhere they would go. Unlike men boys would only have two outfits, one for the week and the other for special occasions. Some boys would have enough money for a third outfit, if they did have a third outfit it would be used to play or do chores. Allot of boys would dress just like there fathers when they went to school. Today boys don't dress like men. Today boys have many more choices like jeans shirts and allot more.
Clothes for Girls
100 years ago many girls would wear plain dresses with large collars. Unlike boys girls only had one dress and would add fancy stuff to the dress for special occasions. If a girl had only one dress she could cover it with a clean pinafore or an apron for special occasions. Girls clothes were often dark and plain, because those fabrics were least expensive. Some dresses were bought from a store, but many were made at home. Most girls wore the same type of dress at school.

Today girls have many more choices in clothing and have many colors, patterns and different fabrics. Today we also have our clothes bought from stores and very few are home made. So I think that it was probably hard to have one dress and that's that, so I think I like the present more.
Clothes for Men
100 years ago men often dressed in formal clothes, even on weekends. When men would go to the city they often would wear there fanciest suit or clothing that they had. Most suits came with pants, a jacket, a vest and a tie. Today men don't wear formal clothes all the time because today some men work at the house. These days men don't always wear formal clothes to the city. Today when men aren't at work they usually wear a T- shirt and jeans. Men have allot more choices today and I think that is great!

Clothes for Women
100 years ago shoes for men, women, boys and girls were high shoes. Back then people may have had one or two pairs of shoes because shoes were expensive. Shoes were so expensive back then, like lets say a pair of shoes cost $5, by just adding a bow to those shoes it would cost 30 more cents!!! That may not seem allot to you but 100 years ago that was allot of money. Today we have many more choices for shoes, and allot of people own many shoes ( lets just say we have more than one or two pairs of shoes). Today shoes are still expensive but not all of them.
Ms. Margot's class
100 years ago women didn't work outside of their home. Women would wear skirts and blouses at home. The women who did work outside of their houses wore a long skirt with a blouse and a hat. Today many women do work outside of their house. Women still do wear skirts and blouses, but now they have more choices. At home most women wear loose clothes like T- shirts and sweaters and wear jeans or loose pants. I think the clothes women have today is a verity.
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