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Synergy Overview Prezi for Cornerstone

No description

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Synergy Overview Prezi for Cornerstone

For more Synergy videos, please visit our YouTube Channel. YouTube.com/SynergyCorpHousing
24-Hour Admin Tool
Who we are
Founded in 1999 - HQ in San Ramon, CA
8 Global Offices (Hyderabad, India opening Jan 2015)
25,000+ reservations annually
Serving over 250 clients, including numerous Fortune 500's
Accommodating guests in over 40 countries
90%+ overall satisfaction and a
98%+ recommendation rating
Consistently recognized as an innovative industry leader
What we offer
Custom tailored solutions
Full service global program management
15 years' experience managing intern, relocation, and travel programs
Dedicated global account team & executive sponsor
Total engagement & transparency
Personalized service
Innovative technology
Automated Confirmations
Reservation Portal
Kela Breslin
Account Executive
Lorraine Furey
Account Executive
Heather Randall
Account Executive
Anne Barry
Guest Service Rep.
Sharon Hardy
Guest Service Rep.
Sonya Ross
Finance Manager
EMEA Global Solutions Center
Operations &
Suzanne Smith
Managing Director, EMEA
Denise D'Mello
Director of Global Solutions
Over 50 years' combined experience in
international relocation

Speak 4 languages fluently

Live/work experience in 7
European countries
Sheena Chan
Account Executive
Chen Lin
Guest Service Rep.
APAC Global Solutions Center
Operations &
Diana Ong
Managing Director, APAC
Over 45 years' combined experience
in hospitality/corporate housing

Speak 3 languages fluently

Live/work experience in 5 APAC countries
Domestic and LATAM
Katie Lim
Dir. of Global Solutions
Text Message Reminders
In case of emergency, the portal provides 24/7 access to each guest in their apartment.
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