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Xi Chapter GIM

General Interest Meeting for Pi Delta Psi: Xi MA

Matt Pham

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of Xi Chapter GIM

Our Mission
Educate others and ourselves about the different Asian cultures.
Rush is our recruitment period where we seek out potential new members and possibly extend invitations to join our brotherhood
Why Pi Delta Psi?
We are the first and only Asian Cultural Fraternity at UMass Amherst
Nationally, we are one of the fastest growing Asian Interest fraternities in the United States
What Does Rush Mean?
As brothers, Rush is our time to evaluate potential new members and to give insight on our brotherhood socially, culturally, and academically
Rush is our opportunity to get to to know all of you as best we can
Thank you!
Pi Delta Psi Fraternity was founded in 1994 at Binghamton University
Rush is a
small taste of what our fraternity has to offer and it's a very small look at who we are

As a cultural and social fraternity we get the best of both worlds
Socially, our networks are always building and it gives us an opportunity to meet with people we wouldn't have met otherwise.
Culturally, we embrace our unique backgrounds as brothers from all walks of life.

As a chapter with only about 30 Active Brothers we might seem small, BUT our small size is our strength. We are much closer with each other on a personal basis and this cohesiveness allows us to bring out the best in each other.
PI DELTA PSI Fraternity, Inc.
Xi Chapter | University of Massachusetts Amherst
The bonds you create as a brother continue beyond a typical friendship and even college!
brotherhood is an extension of everything everyone has to offer such as job experience/connections, academic help, advising, and so much more

The network of Pi Delta Psi goes coast-to-coast and brothers from every field and walk of life are willing to extend to you their knowledge
Fall 18 Rush | Alpha Nu Intake
Our 11 Founding Fathers based our fraternity on common ideals in spreading Asian cultural awareness and empowering the Asian American communities
Our mission as brothers are guided by our four pillars of Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship & Loyalty
Bring men of common goals, culture, integrity and honor together in the bond of friendship.
Development of leadership skills, intellectual achievement, moral and social skills to be utilized in our collegiate and post collegiate years.
Contribute back to the community by offering service and promote honorable achievements in every aspect of human endeavors
What Is Rush?

It consists of a week of free (and non-binding) events to anybody that is interested in potentially joining
Rush is an opportunity for you to meet and interact brothers as well as provide understanding the Greek Community and our fraternity
As Potential New Members, enjoy yourselves at all of our events and if you are seriously interested in potentially joining our fraternity let us know! Introduce yourself and be comfortable.
At our core we deeply care about the well-being of each brother as well as the belief of nurturing our character and achieving excellence in all regards
Why UMass Pi Delta Psi?
We're among the most well respected organization within the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
Outstanding MGC Fraternity Chapter
Fraternity President OTY, Fraternity Man OTY, Outstanding Scholar(s) OTY
Our brothers hold prestigious positions within other RSOs as well
Previously in MGC • VSA • TCSA • AASA etc.
The Smart Move
Our first pillar is academic achievement, and we take that very seriously - Our Record Says It All
We've had brothers work as Teaching Assistants, several brothers have maintained GPA's to be on the Dean's List, and many brothers have moved on from UMass to pursue further education
We encourage all of our brothers to take on new responsibilities within our Chapter (Position Chairs)
We highly emphasize taking responsibility, time management, and task prioritization.
Outside of the classroom we prepare brothers through mentoring and networking
Giving Back
More than just a cultural and social fraternity, we make sure we participate in service events across campus every semester.

Currently our National Philanthropy is The Asia Foundation
we host various fundraisers for them each year and also partake in events to spread awareness such as Daffodil Fun Run

We also make sure to give back to the UMass Community and surrounding communities as well volunteering for service events like Mass Impact Day, WinterFest, and Autism Speaks
We also commit to service days at Not Bread Alone (Homeless Shelter), The Greater Foodbank of Western Mass (Canned Good Drive), and many more!
Pushing Boundaries
As a cultural fraternity, we are very active on campus advocating for Asian cultural awareness as well as the empowerment of the Asian American Community here at UMass

We host multiple cultural events every semester where we involve other Asian Cultural RSOs on campus

In the past we have hosted or participated in events such as AASA's Asian Night, TCSA's Cultural Night Market, VSA's Spring Show, Cultural Spring Festival, BXO/MGC's Holi, etc.
The Next Step
You're on your way to potentially joining!

You've attended a GIM, now we encourage you to keep attending events, get to know brothers, and last but not least, interview!

Interviews are our last chance to ask you questions that we might have missed during rush!

If you do choose to continue participating with our rush process and interview please bring:
Unofficial Academic Transcript
Business Casual Attire
What To Expect
Pi Delta Psi's New Member Education process guarantees the safety of all potential new member and abides by our Multicultural Greek Council policies and National Anti-Hazing Policy

Our process is designed to bring about a respect for the various Asian Cultures as well as share the ideals and background of our fraternity with our potential new members.
The intent of our process is to build character as well as develop social and time management skills.

With this in mind, our New Member Process requires commitment. Although we ask you to prioritize academics, commitment to our process is like committing to another class.
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