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Paperclips floating?

No description

Peter Barnes

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Paperclips floating?

Normal paper clips will not float if you just put them in water. Although with surface tension you can! All you need is paper towels to prove it!
The Experiment
I decided to see if, using surface tension, I could make a paper clip float in a glass of water! I did a little bit of research and decided to try this experiment at home!
All you need is...
~Paper towels
~A glass of water
~paper clip(s)
~soap ~salt
~different liquids
~baby powder
Surface Tension
What is surface tension you might ask?
Surface tension is a sort of 'skin' on the surface of water.The water molecules hold tight together on top. If the conditions are right, it will be strong enough to hold the weight of a paper clip.

Is it actually floating?
No, the paper clip is not truly floating. It is just being held up by surface tension. Like I said before, It is like a small 'skin' layering over the top of the water that holds the paper clip up!
Do Insects use Surface Tension?
Yes they do!! Many insects, such as water strider use their skin to walk across the surface of the water. Along with
other water insects
Questions to think about,
Can Paperclips float?
Will paper clips float?
Exact Definition~
The tension of the surface film of a liquid caused by the
attraction of particles in the surface layer by the bulk of
the liquid, which tends to minimize the surface area.
Will the water temperature effect it?
Will Soap effect it?
Will salt change the result?
Will the size of the paper clip effect it?
Doing the experiment!
How many paper clips can the surface tension hold?
Will different liquids have the same effect?
Can the surface tension be made stronger?
I actually tried some of these!
1) The water temperature does not effect it
2) Soap dose effect it! This one is my favorite one to watch! It immediately falls once once it sees the soap!
3) salt dose not make it fall, but I did notice that it the paper clip floated towards the salt.
Answers #2!!!!
4) the size of the paper clip dose not matter, if you have trouble with the experiment the smaller ones are a tad bit easier to use, but not much
5) the surface tension can be made stronger with baby powder, I myself did not get to try this one, but along with my research a lot of people have said it worked along with videos
I did not get to try the rest! but i am hoping to in the future

By:Abby Nocera
How to do the experiment,
You first take your bowl/glass of water and place a paper towel over it, the bowl must be deep enough though. next place your paper clip on top, then slowly and carefully (not touching the paper clip) push the paper towel down wit your two index fingers.
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