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Its all about me

No description

Ashley Palacios

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Its all about me

About Me
Ashley Palacios
TV Shows
I watch American shows that my friends recommend
Places I've been to
Ever since I was little, it has been a tradition to visit Mexico once a year. Last year was different. Instead, I went to Nevada, California, Utah, and Oklahoma
During the visit of these places, I was able to see the Hoover Dam, go to the Grand Canyon National Park, and go to the Petrified Forest
I really like sleeping, but when im not, i'm either doing homework, drawing, or playing the piano. I began playing the piano about 7 year ago.
I am very passionate about K-pop, which is korean pop music. I was first introduced to it about two years ago and ever since then, it is what I'm most passionate about.
Its all about me
Korean Dramas
But what I am more passionate about are Korean Dramas. I began watching them about a year ago and I couldn't stop :)
Anime and Manga
I watched my first anime four years ago, which then got me into manga. At that time, it was my biggest interest, which still is, but not as much as it used to.

Past experience
Once, when i was six years old I was at church looking for my mom. I searched in the restroom, and I thought I saw someone inside, so to stop the door from closing, I put my hand between the door hinge and the wall. My hand got stuck and later someone helped me loose. A few days later my fingernail fell off :p
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