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Apartments and credit

No description

Lyric Stewart

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of Apartments and credit

Apartments and credit
Apartments can cost about $500-$700 on average.
It is cheaper to live with your parents or with roommates.
Buying a house or car/ furniture
For each you should
1. Find the right home/car for you
2. Save for a down payment.
3. Calculate what you can afford.
4. Compare mortgage lenders.
5. Get pre-qualified.

Medical Insurance
Depending on how much health coverage you want depicts on how much it will cost.
Can be anywhere from $79 to $321 a month for individuals.
Saving money
When saving money you should make a budget. So you don't spend beyond your means.
When saving money you should save 20% of your total income.
Jump Start/Changing a tire
Jump Start
Managing work school and a social life
You can manage this by dividing your time wisely. Not leaving your homework to the last moment. Study with your friends so you can get work done and socialize at the same time.
How to keep good Credit
Set up payment reminders, and pay bills on time.
If you miss payments get current and stay current.
If you have trouble making ends meet, contact your creditors or see a credit counselor.

Put both vehicles in park and turn off the ignition.
Attach the red clips to the positive terminal on both cars
Attach one black clip to the terminal on the battery and attach the other clip to an unpainted metal surface.
Start the working vehicle and let the engine run.
Changing a tire
Place wheel wedges.
Remove hubcap or wheel cover. Loosen lug nuts
Place jack under vehicle and raise vehicle.
Remove the flat tire. Replace with the spare.
To furnish your new home take your previous furniture with you.
Utilities/ Stocks
Utilities on average per person are around $200 to $230 per person.
It's good to get stocks to create a long term portfolio. Also the benefits that come with being a long time investor.
College student Help
Ratemyprofessor.com is when college student can know which professor is best and what courses to take.
Bigwords.com is a place that college students can go and find textbooks at affordable prices
IRA/Credit Cards
IRA is like a 401k and offers tax deferred growth on your investments.
The average credit card interest rate is about 15%. Its best to use credit cards when purchasing online, large electronic purchases, or when your traveling
Budget/Act/Sat and GPA
College students should make a budget. Anticipate expenses, track your expenses and cut back where you can.
Act/Sat scores and GPA depict what classes you should take and if you should take remedial. College GPA matters if you are trying to later on transfer to a bigger college.
Depending on how your trying to eat it can be anywhere from $200 to $400 a month for one person. It is cheaper to buy groceries than to go out for every meal.
Credit Score
A credit is a number that represent the risk a lender takes when you borrow money.
You need a credit score if you want or need to borrow money.
You can have a life without a credit score but it isn't easy.
College or vocational
Either one is not mandatory and you can still become successful without them but both are a good place to start and are opportunities to find out what you want to do.
You can apply for scholarships by talking to your counselors or looking online
Federal Student Aid
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