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Fredrick Douglass

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Fredrick Douglass

Born slave
He was hit by his master
his mom died when he was 8 years old
He escaped from slavery at age of 18
Do we celebrate him?
We don't but if they did they would do it on his B day
Man hood
Fredrik met this girl named ana.
Fredrick had to leave ana because the slave catcher would find them and turcher him so he left ana and his two kids and ran off. 5 years past and fredrick came back and why did he come back because he bought him self.
Thank you!
Fredrick Douglass
By:Lucio Roque Wagner
Fredrick when he escaped slavery he had goals and one of them were to promote freedom for all slaves. That means to try to get all the slaves free and not make them work any more
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