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Elements Of a Story

No description

Nachada Komphusirikul

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Elements Of a Story

what is a character?
Character is a person or an animal that is in a story
EX: The Three Little Pigs,The big bad wolf, Red ridding hood ,Pinocchio, Spongebob Squarepants and Maleficent.

My favorite character is SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS
because he's awesome!!
Sequence of Event
The definition of sequence of event is
The following of one thing after another or succession.
What is a Moral/Lesson?
Elements of a Story

A SETTING is where the story takes place.
One of my favorite books is MELVIN BEEDERMAN. It takes place in Los Angeles.

What is perspective?
To look in the other character's point of view.
EX:The three little pigs said that wolf will eat them, but the wolf said that he what some sugar from the pigs.

another perspective of sleeping beauty
Moral is a lesson from a story. What the characters and readers learn at the end of the book.
For example: Story Lesson
Pinocchio Don't lie
Little Red Ridding Hood Don't talk to strangers
Maleficent Don't steal
another perspective of the three little pigs
The Climax is the most exciting part in the
story.There is introduction and rising action before it.But other parts can be exiting too,The highest or
most intense point in the development is the climax .There is a Falling action and Conclusion after it.

A genre is a type of
story,such as horror,
we all have different
favorites of genres,and
just to tell you, i like
action and adventure
the most.
this is a event
is almost like a big war
A theme is similar
to a genre,but a
bit different.The theme
is a bit like what's it about,
for example:people.
on transformer
age of the extinction
Climax is important!!
I hope you all enjoyed our presentation.
Created & edited by:
Fay, Memo, Pearl, Ping Ping, Praew, Thomas & Kimi

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