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10 major parts of computer

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isaiah rice

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of 10 major parts of computer

The processor it makes your computer work, it takes all the code and makes it work sometimes you can have a fast or a slow processor.
This basically means thermal resistance and pressure drop. thermal resistance is expressed as the rise in temp. pressure drop is the resistance to air moving into the heat sink. overall the heat sink keeps the computer at good operating temp.
A computer fan is any fan inside
of the computer. it can attached or on the out side of your computer but the main thing is that the fan does is keep it cool and the right temp. just like the heat sink.
10 major parts of computer
The Motherboard
The motherboard is the most important part of the computer it ties everything together and gives everything power, it also allows all the parts of the computer to communicate with one another. if you don't have this you don't have computer.
The Processor
Heat sink
CD/DVD Drive
Memory is just what the computer processes and what things are stored on. Also memory is just the shorted term the real term is high speed micro-hip based storage device.
Power supply
The power supply is one of the most vital things for a computer, without this the computer would be a box full of plastic metal and some wires.
Cables or usb cords allow you to connect many accessories to your computer like printers, a mouse and it allows you to transfer data back in fourth.
Hard drive
A hard drive is a storage device that stores and can receive digital information using rapidly rotating disks.
The cd/dvd drive is a compressed disc
that stores data. this part distributes multimedia, and pictures and etc..
Cards are different types of memory that produce images and multimedia they provide graphics audio and sound for your computer.
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