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Untitled Prezi

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Beata Kuśmider

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ewa Andrzejak
Beata Kuśśsmider
Joanna Lesiak
Aleksander Okrojek

1. Company
2. Product
3. Target customers
Primary customers:
4.2 million tons
5.9 million tons
5. Doubts?
Tea production sector
4. Marketing
Market research
Eagerness to cultivate tea
Attitudes towards GMO
Asia and Africa
Final target market:

Major farming regions in China, India, Kenya, Ethiophia, Zimbabwe


For farmers
- Posters, leaflets
- Ads in agricultural magazines and newsletters
- Internet

For tea distributing companies

6. Summary
GMO - threat no more!
- GMO proved safe and no proofs for adverse effects
- Pesticide use reduced or eliminated
- Elimination of aflatoxins
- Enhancement of plant propertied, decreased food prices etc.
- Reduction in GHG emission
- Many scientists support GM crops
- new emerging company
- GM sweet tea seeds
- healthy alternative
- for people on

- facilitation of life
Herbaciana 5/11
05-800 Pruszków, Poland
(048) 22-749-21-48
Established in 2013 by four Biotechnology graduates
from the Lodz Univeristy of Technology
Ewa Andrzejak – Financial Manager
Beata Kuśmider - R&D Manager
Joanna Lesiak – H&R Manager
Aleksander Okrojek – Sales Manager
Black tea
- facilitate life of sweet tea lovers
- promote healthier lifestyle
- Healthy substitution of sucrose
- May be used by diabetics
- May be consumed on slimming by people on carbohydrate-controlled diet
- Facilitates life
- Promotes healthy lifestyle
Camellia sinensis
supplied with steviol glycosides from
Stevia rebaudiana
- a plant orginating from South America known as a sweetleaf
- 300 fold the sweetness of sucrose
- contain rebaudioside A and stevioside
- obtain FDA GRAS status in 2009
carbohydrate-controlled diet
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