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Day and Night

Earth's rotation

Ms. Sizemore

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Day and Night

Dawn What??? Where is the sun? Day Night Dusk Dawn Right after sunset: Time in the
evening when it's still a little light out Just before sunrise... Time in the
morning when the sky is just starting to light up. The Earth and the Sun I'M NOT FLAT!!!
I AM A SPHERE! People used to think Earth was FLAT and
at the center of the unvierse.
Geocentric = Earth in the center

Now we know Earth is a round sphere,
a planet that ORBITS the Sun!
Heliocentric = Sun in the center The Earth is Round? The Earth is ...? The Earth is flat? The Earth is ROUND ROTATION The Earth rotates (spins around and around) on its axis.
What's an axis? --It's an imaginary line running through the center of the Earth, from the North pole to the South pole.
Some objects spin on a vertical axis, like the skater.
Some spin on a horizontal axis, like a log.

Earth spins COUNTERCLOCKWISE in an Eastward direction on a tited axis... It's vertically tiltled 23.5 degrees... See?

Earth makes one full rotatation in ONE day.

How many hours are in a day? When it's daytime here
in Lexington, where is it
nighttime? When it's nighttime in Australia,
where is it daytime? Food For Thought... HERE IN LEXINGTON
1. Are days longer in the winter or summer?
2. When do we have the shortest days?
Winter or summer?

-Are days longer in the winter or summer

In Australia
-Are days longer in the winter or summer? Earth's rotation is the reason for... The Earth spins Eastward, in a counterclockwise direction.

This is why the sun appears to "rise" in the East and "set" in the west.

So is the sun really moving across the sky everyday? R E V O L U T I O N REVOLUTION Revolution and Rotation are not the same thing.

How are they different?

Revolution - Earth's trip in its orbit around the sun
How long does it take Earth to make one full revolution?

Rotation - Earth spinning around and around on its axis
How long does it take earth to make one full rotation?
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