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Clean Coal Technologies

No description

Maggie Doleschy

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Clean Coal Technologies

Clean Coal Technologies What I am trying to find out:
How Does burning coal effect global warming and how do these new technologies limit the environmental impact? Coal is found in huge amoumts all over the world and is a very important energy source.
25.5% of the worlds electricity is generated from coal-fired generators.
(Wenying & Ruina) Burning Coal is the leading causes of smog, acid rain, global warming, and air toxins. Chemical Equation: = The Reactants (2 carbon elements, 7 hydrogen elements, and 2 sulfur elements) = What is produced (2 carbon dioxide compounds, 2 water compounds, and 2 sulfur dioxide compounds) When coal is burned to create electricity, gases and particles of ash are given off and released. The sulfur in coal combines with oxygen, making sulfur dioxide. This sulfur dioxide can be a major pollutant when emmited to the air in large quantaties. ClEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY! Clean coal technology is
technologies being developed to
reduce the impact of coal energy generation. Some of these technologies include...
chemically washing minerals
Gasification (coverts coal by reacting the raw materials such as house waste or compost at high temperatures)
Cabon Capture and Storage
According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change, the fossil fuel coal,
is a major contributor to climate change and global warming. 1st the carbon dioxide is pumped into disused coal fields displaces methane which can be used as fuel.
Then the CO2 is pumped into and stored safely in saline aquifers.
Finally the CO2 is pumped into oil fields to help maintain the pressure. Carbon Capture and Storage Process Coal Washing Coal washing is grinding the coal
into smaller pieces then passing
it through the process
called gravity separation. Gasification First coal is burnt to produce syngas.
Then the syngas is burnt in a combuster.
Next the hot gases drives into the gas turbines.
Then the coolin gas heats the water.
Lastly, the steam drives the steam turbines. By: Maggie Doleschy In conclusion, clean coal technologies are a great way to go green!
All these technologies limit the amout of pollutants entering the air through coal generation. (Zurich, n.d.) (Cain, 2004) (Cain, 2004) (Cain, 2004) What is a catalyst?
A catalyst is something in chemical reaction that speeds up the process. In clean coal technologies
the catalyst is the sulfur dioxide.
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