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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship - 2015

No description

Mrs. Russell

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship - 2015

What does it mean to be an...
We follow America's laws
We live in America
What is Digital Citizenship?
Using technology in legal,
and responsible ways.
- follow the laws
- security & privacy
- right vs. wrong
- good for the situation
- answer for your actions
Everyone should have access to digital technology, especially technologies that are free, like the Internet
Digital Divide - the gap between people who have access to technology and those who do not
In-App Purchases
Retail Stores
Cell phones
Chat - text & video
Social networking
Being familiar with and knowledgeable about the digital world
Digital basics: browsers,
search engines,
online resources;
distance education
How you act online as well as how you use technology while around others.
- an electronic method of harassment by posting to social networking sites, web sites, blogs, chat rooms, email, text messages, etc.
File-sharing sites
Pirate software
Hack into systems and networks
Stealing someone's identity
Copyright Law
Creative Commons
Public Domain
Fair Use Act
AUP - Acceptable Use Policy
Use online material ethically
Report cyberbullies and threats
Rights come with responsibilities and expectations that you will behave and use technology appropriately
Think about the amount of time you spend on the computer, texting, or on other digital activities.
Pay attention to your posture when sitting at the computer.
Protecting your personal information and your privacy from things such as identity theft or online predators and stalkers.
Protecting your computer system and your data from viruses, loss of data from crashes, or loss of equipment from power surges.
Digital Reputation
- what others
think about you
Identity Theft
Stolen Credit Card #s
Bank Account Hacks

to help you to be a GOOD Digital Citizen
2- Person Slide show Presentation on one Element of Digital Citizenship
You choose partner, I choose topic
Instruction sheet in Calendar

To Do First
Open instruction sheet
Read ENTIRE sheet by yourself, no talking
Write down any questions you have for discussion in 10 minutes
Become the Experts in one topic of Digital Citizenship in order to share your knowledge with the class
We participate in traditions and customs.
We work in America
We help each other
We take care of our environment
We are American Citizens
Digital Footprint
- what you
leave behind
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