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Political Science

No description

Mengjun Zhong

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Political Science

Political Science
A constitutional principal formulated by Deng Xiaoping
It was formulated in 1980s
For HongKong and Macau
Historical Background
Deng Xiaoping was in the negotiation with the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher
In July, 1997 the SARs of Hong Kong were established.
One China, Two Systems
。1. Reform in China
Reform and Opening up
Birth Day:1904.8.22
Deng Xiaoping, a Marxist, Proletarian Revolutionary, Statesman, Military Strategist.
Born in Szechwan
1920 study in France
1924 joined the Communist Party

China is a single-party state governed by the Communist Party
The handover ceremony of Hong Kong
1979 adopt the reform and opening-up policy

The handover ceremony of Macau
Achieve the national unification of China.
International peace
Sustainable financial growth in Hong Kong and Macau
Maintain people's regular life.
2. Open up to the world
One Center, Two basic points
One center: The development of economy.
Two basic points:
Hold on the Four Cardinal Principles;
Make the Reform and Opening up
policy goes on.
Agriculture (Rural)
Two mainly effected field
Other effects:
Army's amount;
Political and leading direction;
Some social problems;

Household Responsibility System:

1. Solve the general starvation in China;
2. Provide labours to work in city;
3.China became an exporter of foodstuffs.

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1984 implement, "one china two systems," policy.
For millennia, China's political system was based on hereditary monarchies, known as dynasties
The Republic of China overthrew the last dynasty in 1911 until 1949,the Communist Party defeated the nationalist Kuomintang in mainland China and established the People's Republic of China in Beijing.
Hong Kong
In The Future...
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