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The Islamic Etiquette of Clothing

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mahym gulova

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Islamic Etiquette of Clothing

1. Learn the Islamic view of clothing.

2. Learn the concept of 'awrah.

3.Understand the standards of Islamic dress.

4.Learn the du'aa' of dressing.

5.Learn the lawful and unlawful types of dresses for males and females.

6.Learn the ayaat 26-27 of Surat-ul- A'raf and ayah 31 of Surat-un-Noor.

7. Learn the ahadeeth on the limits of 'awrah, forbidding men to wear gold and forbidding each gender to imitate the other.

What is 'Awrah?
Awrah is arabic term which comes from the root a-w-r which means '' imperfection'', ''blemish'', ''weakness''
It has no exact word in English.
Awrah is the term used within Islam which refers to the intimate parts of the body for both men and women which must be covered with clothing.
Awrah can be differferent for males and females.
Important Vocabulary
By: Mahym Gulova
The Islamic Etiquette of Clothing
slamic View of Clothing
Clothes in the Qur'an
(7:26) O children of Adam! We have indeed sent down to you clothing cover your nakedness and for beauty. But the garment of piety is the best. These are the signs of Allah so, they may be mindful.

(7:27) O children of Adam! let not the Shaytan trick in the same manner as He got your parents, Out of the Garden, pulling off from them both their clothing to expose their shame, for he and his tribe watch you from a position where you cannot see them: We made the evil ones friends to those without faith.

'' Praise be to Allah who granted me the clothes that
made me look good in front of people and cover my body. ''
In Public
With Same sex relatives
With Opposite Sex Relatives
Emergency and extreme Situations 5
Navel to Knees
Navel to Knees
Navel to Knees
Non Mahram:
Neck to Knees
Open as necessary
Head to toe except hands and face
Neck to Knees
Mahram: Neck to kness
Non-Mahram: Head to toe except hands and face
Open as necessary
'Awrah for Males and Females
Hadeeth Shareef
Abdullah Ibn Ja'far once said to a group of men, ''Prophet (PBUH) said: 'Between the Navel and the knee is Awrah( for males)''
Awrah for Males
Awrah for Males and Females
Awrah for Females
In public
With same sex relatives
With Mahram:( mother, grandmother, daughter,sister, niece and aunt)
Non Mahram:(Cousin and sister in law)
In Public
Non- Mahram:(Cousin and brother in law)
With Same sex relatives
With Mahram
Critical Thinking!
Why Do Muslim men dont wear clothes from navel to knee in public?
What Is 'Awrah?
Showing Off!!!
Showing off is common among teenagers and adults.
Muslims must not brag about their clothes because it is Haram in Islam to show or feel arrogance in any way especially through clothing.
In ancient times people used to wear clothing with pride and arrogance but then Prophet Muhammad prohibited to wear clothes that showed wealth and status.
Showing Off!!!
Prophet Muhammad( PBUH) prohibited muslim men from wearing long clothes lower than ankles as a way to show their pride.

Islamic Standards of Clothing
Men and women should wear neat and clean clothing in public.

. Men and women shouldn't wear type of clothing that is provocative and may attract forbidden looks of others,

Allah says in Surat-un- Noor:
'' And they should not display their beauty except what appears thereof, and let them cover their bosoms with parts of their khimars.''
Islamic Standards of Clothing
3. Men should cover most of their bodies from the neck down. During sport activities men should at least cover from waist to knees near men and women. Also men should wear t-shirt near women so they are not showing off their body to opposite gender.

4. Women must cover everything except for face and hands in public. When they are in private or just around women they can uncover their hair, legs to the knee, arms and wear relaxed clothing.
Allah says in Surat-ul - Ahzab:

'' O Prophet! Say to your wives and your daughters and the women of believers that they let down upon them their over- garments; this will be proper that they may be known, and thus they will not be annoyed or harassed; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.''( 33;59)
Islamic Standards of Clothing
5.Covered areas must not be visible from transparent material and clothes must not be tight and show persons physical shape.
6. Men should not wear clothes similar to womens, women should not wear cloth similar to mens, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said: '' Allah Curses men who imitate women and women who imitate men.
Haram and Halal
Haram for men:
1. Gold Jewelry and silk- Based Clothes.

P rophet Muhammad(PBUH) once carried gold jewelry and silk clothes and said''
These are unlawful for the men among my people
.'' In another hadeeth, the Prophet said,''
Whoever wears silk in this life will not wear it in the next life

As for gold, Imam Muslim reported that Ali Ibn Abi Talib once said:''
Rasoolullah prohibited me from wearing golden rings.

2. Imitating women:

Imam Al- Bukhari reported that Ibn Abbas once said: ''
Rasoolullah cursed men who imitate women and cursed women who imitate men as well
Did this make them look better?
3. Revealing Clothes
Any clothes that reveal men's awrah, or private parts are haram to wear.
Prophet Muhammad said: ''
The thigh is ' Awrah.
Fast Facts
Wearing rings that are made of silver is lawful for men. It is known that Prophet Muhammad used to wear silver ring.
Haram For Women:
1. Revealing Tight Clothes.
Any clothing that reveals woman's 'awrah is haram to wear,
Allah Says in Surat-un- Noor:
2. Makeup and Perfume
At home or in private settings Muslim woman can wear perfume and makeup
What is the right way to wear Hijab?

What is awrah?
What is awrah for males and females in public?
What did Prophet Muhammad prohited muslim men to wear? why?
Tell 3 Islamic standards of clothing.
What things are Haram for men?
What things are Haram for women?
What is the right way to wear Hijab?
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