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No description

Kate Jolliffe

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of KnightAlert

Warden Securities Mission
To provide customers with cutting edge self-defense devices that increase personal safety and personal confidence and comfort.
July of 2010
Personal safety pepper spray
Sends silent alarm to the nearest police department.
Co-branding with Garmin
Direct link between victims and the police
Target Market KnightAlert Objectives SWOT Analysis Competitive Analysis
Consumer Products
Mace Security International
13 defense sprays
Competitive advantages include:
Compactness, built in light, UV formula, gel spray

Knight Alert
Specialty Product: GPS/911 link
Competitive Analysis Cont. Marketing Mix Product
Sales Promotion
Proposed Promotional Schedule and Budget
Knight Alert Customer Survey

How satisfied were you with the Knight Alert?
Very Satisfied

Would you recommend Knight Alert to a friend?
How likely would you be to purchase Knight Alert again?
Very Likely
Would consider purchase
Would not purchase again

What was the level of value of the Knight Alert for the price you paid?
Very high value
Average value
Low value

How long have you used the Knight Alert?
Less than 3 months
3-6 months
6 months-1 year
> 1 year

Thinking of other pepper sprays, how would you compare the Knight Alert?
Much Better
Somewhat Better
Customer Survey
Simulated Market Testing Results Branding
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