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San Angelo

No description

Lalita Kunamneni

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of San Angelo

There are several different industries in San Angelo. The major ones are military, education, health, trade, transportation, utilities, leisure, hospitality, business services, information, and agriculture. Military is the largest employer, as their is the Goodfellow air force base still in use in San Angelo. Also, there are tons of oil fields, and San Angelo is the nation's largest wool and mohair market, as well as it is a major livestock center.
San Angelo
San Angelo
Where in Texas is San Angelo?
San Angelo is a city in the Great Plains Region. It's sub-region is the Edwards Plateau.
Where is San Angelo, Texas?
Economic Industries
Tourist Attractions!
Chadbourne Bridge, and San Angelo Skyline
San Angelo, originally named San Angela, after the founder's wife, sprang up soon after the civil war, in 1867. After the civil war, thousands of people were moving west to find their fortune. The government decided that they needed to protect their people from hostile threats, so they built forts on the frontier. One of these forts was Fort Concho. With the military moving into this fort, a small town grew on the other side of the river. As time progressed, the town became a community, in which many people came to the trade center, as there were many farmers and ranchers in the area. In 1889, soldiers abandoned Fort Concho, but the town of San Angelo still thrived. The town was renamed San Angelo in the turn to the 20th century. When tuberculosis struck as an epidemic in the early 1900's, San Angelo was a key place for treatment, as the climate, which was dry, proved to be an effective healing factor. That was the beginning of their stellar medical services. Later, during World War II, military was again taken to San Angelo, and this time created Goodfellow air force base, which is still in use today. These are all key events, which built San Angelo into what it is today.
History of San Angelo
This fort has been in use since 1867, but as the hostilities facing settlers wore off, the soldiers at Fort Concho left, in the year 1889, and it was not used for any other military purposes. Fort Concho is at least 40 buildings, and covers 1600 acres. Currently, the landmark covers most of the former army post, and the city of San Angelo has 23 original and restored fort structures. Today, Fort Concho is a national landmark.
Fort Concho
Reasons someone would want to live in San Angelo...
Reasons 1 & 2
Sheep picture
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Texas cities map
Texas travel guide - Wikitravel
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Chadbourne Street Bridge pic
Chadbourne Street Bridge & Skyline
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Greetings From San Angelo Pic
Greetings from San Angelo Texas
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Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas
| For the love of Texas
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Fort Concho military mural
Fort Concho Mural
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My Opinion
For one, San Angelo has a variety of schools, as well as colleges that are all certified. The San Angelo Independent District includes 27 public schools, and there are 6 separate private schools. There is also 4 special schools for vision and hearing impairment, as well as other special needs. Keep in mind that there is also the Angelo State University for college.
There are several different areas in which you could search for a job. The sectors, or areas, that are the largest are the education, health, trade, transportation, utilities, leisure, hospitality, business services, information, military, and agriculture.
Would I Visit San Angelo?
Yes, I would definitely visit this city, as there are so many different sites to visit, more than the places I told you. San Angelo has a rich history as well, and I love hearing about events in the past at where they took place. On top of that, I am used to the climate there already, because we live in Texas, and have a similar climate. So, all in all, San Angelo would be a great place for me to visit.
Would I Ever Want To Live In San Angelo?
This is one of those, maybe, or maybe not questions. This city would be a great place to live as there are many businesses there to work for, or I can create a new business, as there are many buildings available (which I found on the city website). The city of San Angelo seems friendly, which I also deducted from the website, and the tourism is also a friendly base of work. So, in the future, if I ever had a stellar opportunity, I would definitely move to San Angelo!
Thank You For Watching!!
Hope You Enjoyed It!!!
Foster Road Bridge
Most people would think, "What's so remarkable about a bridge?" In most cases, that's true. However, in this case, we are not looking at the bridge, contrary to what you might think. We are looking at the things that live under the bridge - free tail bats. Not all of these little creatures live in caves. At the Foster Road overpass at Loop 306 in San Angelo, from late March to early November, free tailed bats live in the crevices of the bridge. the best time to watch these bats is at sunset. I don't know about you, but I love watching bats!
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