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Fahrenheit 451: pages 110-115

No description

Vanessa Perez

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451: pages 110-115

MONTAG- In this section we discover Montag's vulnerability when he kills Beatty. When Beatty kept calling Montag a fool and a snob and planning to burn Faber's home, Montag couldn't control his desire to kill Beatty.

BEATTY- In this section we discover that Beatty wanted to die, because he let told Montag to kill him. He must have been depressed like most people in that city that wanted to die.

MILDRED- In this section we also discover that Mildred does not care about Montag, because Mildred called the alarm on Montag to send him to prison and to have his life burned. She then drove off without speaking to Montag and was said to forget him.
by Vanessa Perez
Fahrenheit 451: pages 110-115
These pages included the death of Beatty and the hound, the burning of Montag's house, and Montag's leg injury. It started out with Montag agreeing to burn his house with a flame thrower. He then contentedly burn the memories of MIldred and every room of the house to change everything. When Montag finished, he found out that his own wife turned in the alarm that he was hiding books. Then followed a conversation with Beatty telling Montag he was a foolish, silly, snob. Beatty then discovered the little green bullet that Montag had been communicating to Faber through, and said he would "drop in" on Faber. Out of anger Montag killed Beatty with a flame thrower. The hound came along right after this and attempted to kill Montag, but Montag shot it on time with the flame thrower to kill him. At the end Montag agreed with what Beatty had told him once: "Don't face a problem, burn it".
writhing (v)- To make twisting and squirming movements or contortions of the body.
This word describes the way that Beatty is dying along with other imagery. This word gives emphasis to the emotion Montag is feeling when he sees Beatty dying; he feels disgusted.

plume (n)- A long soft feather or arrangement of feathers.
This word helps set the mood in the setting where the house is in ashes and the show of fire is over. Feathers are delicate and light, and when smoke is described as delicate and light then it becomes a sad smoke. A depressing smoke symbolizing the death of the house.

belch (v)- Emit gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth.
This word gives emphasis on the fact that Beatty thinks that quoting from books is gross and makes Montag a snob. Belching is rude and repulsive, therefore creating an image of what Montag would look like when he "Belches Sahkespear" at Beatty: loud and rude.

clad (adj.)- Clothed
This word is part of the imagery describing the hound when it was shot with the flame thrower. It creates an image of the hound covered in fire like clothing.

vital (adj.)- Absolutely necessary or important; essential
This word describes how badly Montag needs his leg at the moment to run away from the burning and the police. According to how badly injured his leg is, the word "vital" creates a worrying and scared mood, because if Montag can't run then he will be killed by the police.
Imagery Analysis
"It made a single last leap into the air, coming down at Montag from a good three feet over his head, its spidered legs reaching, the procaine needle snapping out its single angry tooth." (p.114)

This quote creates a picture of the hound in the air ready to attack Montag. It is a slow motion imagery scene, because it focuses on the hound's every move as it gets ready to attack. The fact that it is sticking out its needle is scary to Montag especially because it is three feet above his head.

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