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No description

Janice Dang

on 20 April 2016

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Stories Of A Student...
We Are The Family...
The family member I look up the most to is my sister. I’ve seen her go through a lot and she's always back to her normal self within a week, by just letting out her emotions to her friends and I. She is also a person who likes to try new things and never gives up. That really inspires me to not be afraid of anything and to think about the advantages of trying hard and not giving up for the future. She is always there for me when I’m having a tough time and even when no one is there for me.
Two other family members that are special to me are my parents. They’ve cared for me all my life ever since I was born till this day. One day I will eventually give them the same care that they gave me.
The friends that are special to me are Iman, Kayla, Aysha and my friends that don't go to my school are, Jin Ju, Ava, Jenna, Hibah, and Grace. They are special to me because they always manage to put a smile on my face even when I’m in a bad mood. Having them in my life makes my happy because I can tell them anything and they will understand me. We act like sisters because we always make fun of each other as a joke, and none of us will get offended.

My Role Model(s)...
What Makes Me ME...
If you are one of my close friend, you would know me as a very weird and crazy person. I can be really sarcastic at times, and can be hyper in seconds. My family find me really loud, annoying and obnoxious. I am also a person who loves animals, and fighting. I use to fight with one of my cousin who was 2 years older than me. I would not want to change a thing about myself because I am happy for the way I am today.

All I Want To Do Is Have Some Fun...
The things I enjoy doing are playing volleyball, drawing, crafting, playing games, watching YouTube videos and going on social media. I enjoy those things because it releases stress and it also calms me down. I enjoy drawing, crafting and watching YouTube videos because sometimes being alone is nice. I also enjoy play volleyball, playing games and going on social media because I can interact with my new and old friends. Those are just some things that I enjoy doing in my spare time.

I was born in Canada, on the 6th of February, 2002 in Toronto East General Hospital. My parents gave me the name Janice Dang when I was still in my moms stomach. I was born around 8 o'clock pm. The people who were there to visit me when I was born was my dad and my aunt.

Before going to school, I traveled a lot and went to a lot of places. Some places I went with my parents when I was around the age of 2-4 were, Washington D.C., Atlantic city and New York City.
I was a really hyper child and liked to jump around. I usually tend to fall and hurt myself, but still eventually get back up.
The Day It All Started...
If I Could I Would...
If I would ever get an opportunity to change something about the world, I would change how people disrespect others by their looks, how they dress and how they act. I would change that because everyone looks, acts, and dresses differently. Everyone has flaws, instead of teasing someone why not just let them be themselves. Everyone is different and that’s what makes them special.
It worries me because a lot of people self-harm from hearing what others say about them. I have friends who have self-harmed because of what people are saying to them and it really hurts seeing them in pain.
You Have To Hear This...
One of the recent funniest moment of my life is when my sister told me she is going to become something that involves me in her future life. She said that she will be a dental hygienist "hi Janice", very immature of her but she always tends to makes the weirdest jokes to make me happy when she comes home from work/school.

The Happiest Day Of My Life...
The happiest days of my life was when I interacted with some people in my age group over the internet, that became important people in my life and when I met a few friends from school. These important people in my life are people who understand me for who I am and who shares the same interest as me.
What's Next...
After I graduate, I really hope that I can travel the world with my friends and get a chance to meet some of our YouTube idols.

I do not have a future career planned out yet, but I hope that I will later on be really successful with something I am interested in.

On the first day of kindergarten, I cried a lot. I was really scared and unfamiliar with the scene. I made my mom stay with me for 1-2 hours until I stopped crying.
My first kindergarten teacher was Ms.Holmes. She was a great teacher but she had a pretty tall/long nose that scared me at times.
In grade 1 I also had Ms.Holmes but she had to take care of her husband so for the rest of the year, my teacher was Ms.Steinman. She wasn't the nicest teacher. She was really cranky at times.
In grade 2-3 my teacher was Mr.States. He use to let us have parties once a month. He was a really nice teacher.
My grade 4 teacher was Ms.Jones. She was a great teacher as well. She was one of those easy going teachers. If we needed to talk to her she will always be there.
My grade 5 teacher was Mr.Crunkleton. He was a silly but a stern teacher. He can be funny, but sometimes he gets really cranky.
My grade 6 teacher was Mr.Dadzie. He didn’t really teach us anything, but we had a fun time in his class.
The people I look up to are people who I watch on YouTube. They are my role models because they are inspire me to always be happy. They make me happy every time I come home feeling sad or stressed and see that they have uploaded a video. People may think this is silly, but to me, they are people who I would love to meet, spend time and interact with.
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