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No description

Miranda Reeves

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of A&I

The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us.
This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and
Travels to Clients
We envision the Department sustaining strategic leadership and integrity in healthcare innovation by fostering a fully engaged and integrated organization.
All About

Org Chart
The History of
the A&I Office
Core & Leadership
Human Resources

Where does A&I fit in?
Department of Health Care Policy & Financing
Administration & Financing
1570 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203-1818
Susan Heinzeroth
Tom Montoya
Janice Smuda
Julie Collins
Kathleen Newberg
Leah Spielberg
Deb Becerra
Gina Jacquez
Paul Esperza
James Henn
Chanelle Hevener
(303) 866-2993
Fax (303) 866-4411
Cynthia Holmes-Barry
Lynda Saignaphone
Suzanne Sigona
David Remson
Ariadne Romano
The Office of Administration and Innovation strengthens and supports the department by leading innovation, modeling integrity, facilitating process improvement, cultivating engagement and collaborating to develop strategies.
What does the HR Section Do?
Strategy section
Research &
& Grants
I.Strategy Section
a.Research and Planning
i.Engaging stakeholders in Strategic Planning
ii.Aligning resources around strategic priorities
iii.Influencing decision-making
iv.Communicating HCPF’s Strategic Direction
v.Measuring results and modifying
b.Process Improvement
i.Creating a LEAN culture
ii.Building HCPF’s LEAN Community
iii.Delivering productivity and cost savings
i.Funding Strategic Priorities through Grants
ii.Aligning a Grant Strategy with HCPF Strategy
iii.Researching and benchmarking
II.Workforce Development
a.Employee Engagement
i.Employee Work Groups “About Engagement”
b.Professional Development
i.Mandatory Compliance Training
ii.Needs Driven Training
c.Workforce Planning
i.LEAN Time-To-Hire
ii.Staffing Plan
III.Human Resources
a.Shift from an Analysis Focus to a Consultative Focus
i.Define Consultative
b.Supporting Talent: Recruiting & Retention
i.Reduce Time-to-Hire
ii.LEAN Time-to-Hire
iii.Quality Onboarding
c.Performance Management Training
a.Facilitating Employee Relations
i.Create a Welcoming and Sophisticated Employee Relations Center
1.Ergo Analysis, Benefits Questions, etc.
Creating a LEAN Culture
Shift from an Analysis Focus to a Consultative Focus
Supporting Talent: Recruiting & Retention
Facilitating Positive Employee Relations
Defining a Consultative Focus
Reduce Time to Hire
Create a welcoming Employee Environment
Engaging stakeholders in strategic planning
Delivering productivity and cost savings
Building the Department's LEAN Community
Measuring results and modifying
Aligning resources around strategic priorities
Aligning a Grant Strategy with the Department's Strategy
Funding Strategic Priorities through Grants
Workforce Development
Section (WFD)

What does the WFD do?
Employee Engagement
Workforce Planning

Employee Work Groups "About Engagement"
Mandatory Compliance Training
Needs Driven Training
Competency mapping
Staffing Plan
State of Colorado
Performance Management Training
Quality Onboarding
A&I Office Mission:
A&I Office Vision:
Next on my
reading list

Section Manager: Julie Collins
Section Manager: Tom Montoya
Section Manager: Janice Smuda
Knowledge + Skills + Behaviors =
The Department's Core Competencies
* Communication
* Interpersonal Relations
* Customer Service
* Accountability
* Job Knowledge
The Department's Leadership Competencies
* Providing Vision
* Accountability & Integrity
* Inspiring Innovation
* Flexibility/Openness
* Directing Employees & Work
* Monitoring & Coaching
* Performance Management
* Recognizing & Rewarding
* Team Building
What does the Strategy
Section do?
Provides structure & cohesion for implementing & prioritizing projects that align the Department's strategic direction.
Strategic Management Process (SMP).
HCPF Staff
Strategy Team
integration of initiatives.
They guide the Department through the
annual SMP--
HCPF Staff
Their Goal?
starting line
Department wide understanding,
line of sight for individual staff roles
Achieving Department's vision, mission and goals.
finish line
* Vision!
* Mission!
* Goals!
* Strategies
Strategy Section!
Workforce Development
Human Resources
the Department's Core & Leadership Competencies!
Tah Dah!
from formulation activities
to implementation &
Sustain and improve the Department's ability to achieve its on-going mission and capacity to innovate.
Talent Management Process
* Enrich
the HCPF' Workforce
* Develop
* Manage
Program to
Also, collaborates on
strategic HR Planning
and, helps to ensure the
Department is recruiting and
retaining the best talent!
The HR section provides the full range of HR services to the Department.
Salary Administration
Rules Interpretation
Dispute Resolution
New Employee Orientation
Personal service Contracts
Personnel Performance Management
Annual Compensation/Benefits
Employee/Manager Counseling
Corrective and Disciplinary Actions
Workforce Turnover/Retention Analysis
Maintaining Personnel Records
& Technical Assistance
and security!
They also provide reception
They provide--
Supervisor Training
Skills Development
Succession planning
Click here for more on
the strategy map!
Communicating with managers
and coordinating Human Resources
Consult in Career Development
Administration & Innovation Office
Strategy Section
Workforce Development Section
Human Resources Section
Process Improvement
Innovation & Grants
Research & Planning
Professional & Career Development
Short-Term A&I Organizational Chart
Strategic Management Process
Environmental Scan
SWOT Analysis
Strategic Plan Development
ACA Steering Committee
Grants Program Planning
Health Reform Support
Medicaid/CHP+ Innovation
LEAN Community
LEAN Projects
Reduce Time to Hire
LTC waivers
Call Center
Employee Engagement Action Plans
Staffing Plan
Inter-agency Collaboration
Meeting Facilitation
Employee Appreciation
All Staff
Leadership Team
Recruiting & Hiring
HR Compliance
Performance Management
Personal Service Contracts
Customer Interface
Office Supplies
Equipment Maintenance
Building Security
Meeting Room Management
Personal Consultations for Employees and their Families
Provide Employee Benefits
Ergo Analysis
Focused on culture of innovation, high-performance teams, and employee engagement.
Rapid change in health care reform
Formed in January of 2012
Manager Onboarding
Team Building
Strategic Plan Steering Committee (Executive Committee)
Training Matrix Team
Facilities Management Matrix Team
Employee Engagement Matrix Team
ACA Steering Committee
Strategy Development Matrix Team (Leadership Team)
Matrix Teams
Flash Teams
SWOT Prioritization Flash Teams (Managers)
Vision/Mission Development Flash Teams
A Human Resources flash team for onboarding is currently being developed
Conducting benchmark research and integrating findings into the strategic management process
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