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carrer shadowing


desmond mcgowen

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of carrer shadowing

i career shadowed the manager of steak and shake. steak and shake is a classic amereican brand that intends to lead and dominate the premium steak burger and milkshake segments of the resturant industry. Career shadowing Technology technology used at steak and shake is computers
cash registers
cameras they need technology the most to run their business.
without electronic uses, the resturant would run very slow.
grills, registers, clock in machinces are all need to run the steak n shake restuarants. in 15 years from now, i personally think steak n shake will be a bigger restuarant then it is today. Purpose the purpose of the restuarant is to imsure high qaulity burgers and shakes,
at the lowest prices.
Skills skills need are
a smile
clean wor area salary and Education the salary for a waiter is $4.50, but they get tips also.
minimum wage is $7.50 an hour

education , you either have to have a graduate certificate, or be in school.
dislikes and likes i dont like that theres extra work to be done when your shift is over.
i like that the employee gets a discount on food. i can pursue this job as an temporaly job
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