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Pacific U: Beyond the Five-Page Paper

No description

Derek Bruff

on 10 October 2018

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Transcript of Pacific U: Beyond the Five-Page Paper

Multimodal Assignments for Deep Learning
"Ain't No Making It" by Sarah Stiles & Students, Georgetown U.
Beyond the Five-Page Paper
Derek Bruff
Center for Teaching
Vanderbilt University
derekbruff.org / @derekbruff

"touch-up," Katie Harris, Flickr (CC)
There are no such things as learning styles.
Different content benefits from different teaching modalities.
See "Teaching at Its Best," by Linda Nilson, Chapter 26, for the research.
People learn better when multiple modalities are used.
"Square Peg, Round Hole," Yoel Ben-Avraham, Flickr (CC)
"Come Feel the Illinoise," Paul Mayne, Flickr (CC)
Don't do this.
"Paraguay," NASA Goddard, Flickr (CC)
Dual Coding
Why Multimodal Assignments?
Image: NASA/CSC/M. Weiss
(Dark Matter!)
GoldieBlox on Kickstarter - http://is.gd/qKDr9A
5,519 backers pledged $285,881 to Kickstart GoldieBlox in 2012
Audience Effect
"Center of Attention," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
David Silver's Story - http://is.gd/Yp4DSF
Novelty is interesting... and challenging.
"Blue Lobster," Richard Wood, Flickr (CC)
"A lot of meaningful activity--struggling, processing, sense-making--is going on in the intermediate space between novice and expert."
Randy Bass, http://is.gd/0AkfTk
Audio Annotations
Ashley Hasty, Merchandising, Indiana U.
Digital Revisions
Kylie Korsnack, English, Vanderbilt U.
Creative Assignments
Larisa DeSantis, Earth & Env. Science
Twitter Fiction
Vivian Finch, Vanderbilt U.: http://is.gd/rOsD4F
Children's Books
Ole Molvig, History
Classic Children's Stories - Posters by Christian Jackson - http://is.gd/2quIWD
"Bookshelf Spectrum, Revisited," chotda, Flickr (CC)
Knowledge Organizations
Derek's Story - http://is.gd/OXUp2x
Doodle an idea you have for a multimodal assignment you could use in the classroom. Share with your table.
Your Turn!
"More Ideas for Visual Learning," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Research Blog
Mills Kelly, George Mason U.: http://is.gd/LUdzSN
History Hoax
Synthesis Maps
Cynthia Brame, Biology, Vanderbilt U.
What are some unexpected assignments (blue lobsters) you've seen work well in the classroom?
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